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Published: 24 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Let me start out by saying that I’m an investor that dealt with a broker that had a relationship that went bad. This happened from 2008 to 2010. Paul Shechter called me saying he owns a company called Vindication Recovery Services. He said he has a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with people who have had problems with their broker in the past. The only experiece I think he has is that he himself lost people in the stock market. I say this because I found out recently that he was a former stockbroker. I found a website called and typed in his name. It shows his background. It showed that Paul had worked for about a dozen firms in about a ten year period. It also showed that he defrauded investors himself. I wish I knew this when he called me originally. That’s why I’m posting this information. I guess now Pauls trying to “help investors”. Consequently, after speaking with Paul he had an attorney call me. The attorney was somewhat new practicing law. He practiced law for only a few years but sounded very good. The attorney said he wouldn’t charge me any fees. Long story short the attorney lost my case and put liens on me so he could get paid. I didn’t read the fine print. Unfortunately I just finished paying the liens off because I do alot of real estate and couldn’t have it affect a loan I was applying for at the time. It cost me about about 10k. In hindsight I should of just licked my wounds and went on my way. Besides now that I think about it what kind of attorney what affiliate with someone like Paul. I guess just an ambulance chaser. Regardless, think of this if you plan on doing business with Paul……Where and how did Paul get my phone number and how did he know I had lost money in the stock market? Interesting…..

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