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Those rabid monsters gave my grandma bruises on her legs!!

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Published: 14 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Sometimes massages become a necessity. They not only prove to be a relief from different muscular pains and from a hectic routine but some disorders also require massages. One of these disorders is related to your lymphatic system. Fluids refrain from flowing and your legs start to swell. The lymph needs to be drained and that requires a professional therapist. My grandma has this issue and we had to move to a new state due to some reasons. Change in residence also made us change her therapist. We decided to take her to one of the ‘best’ therapists named Vinings Massage & Wellness. They are in Atlanta, Georgia. According to their website, they are the best choice when it comes to Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). We trusted them for our grandma but they were just greedy for money. They charged $500 per hour and we did not argue as they had to be really careful because of her age. My grandma is 64 and she has a bit of memory issue too. It is quite tricky to handle her and she needs a polite manner of treatment. I asked the therapist to allow me with her as I was habitual of doing so. But the therapist denied that. He did not even bother listening to her medical history and took her to the therapy room. The massage takes approximately one hour but this therapist had some new techniques and he took three hours. After the first hour, I inquired about her but the receptionist was totally irresponsive. After an hour and a half, I was worried about my grandma as she has memory issues to and before she panics by seeing new faces, I asked the receptionist again. She did not respond to my questions again and when I started asking in a rough tone, she said she will check and went into the therapy room and did not return for another hour or so. When I was called to take my grandma home, I could not stop myself from weeping. Her leg was full of bruises and she was crying out of agony. She had to be treated with care but those fucking bastards did not take a second before torturing my grandma. She has a memory issue so she was unable to call me or anybody else to help her out. They took what they wanted and rather than treating her with care, they went too hard on her. We are now searching for another therapist who is loyal to the profession and will treat my grandma right.
Seems like Vinings Massage & Wellness need to get their staff trained before offering any services to the customers. Their prices are extremely high than the usual therapists but you should not be lenient with the services. At least you should serve the patients right. Vinings Massage & Wellness should really take a look into these matters and improve their customer service as well as hire professionals.

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