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Published: 15 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I wish I had done my homework before having VI compete a major job for us. Rob was fairly professional with me, but I’m not a woman. There seems to be a theme with the complaint about his personal behavior. We had a complete roofing job – tearing off the old one, replacing rotted sections, insulating and completely new gutters. The work was done in ’05 and the gutters are almost entriely shot now. Some look lke they weren’t installed properly and others just haven’t held up – one section was nailed inot rotted wood and is now faling off. We also acquired some ‘new’ leaks in our living room that didn’t exist before the tear-off and replacement. Rob did come out 2-3 times to do more work to stop the leaks – with some success. But we still have two small leaks in the lving room. Fortunately [;/] we haven’t been able to replace the ceiling [nice exposed insulation backing to look at] otherwise we wouldn’t have known about the leaks until the water would have seeped through the drywall. Last year, I wanted to finally get the gutter and leak problems resolved once and for all and I called Rob’s cell phone about 10 times, but kept getting a mesage that the mailbox was full and couldn’t accept any more messages. The estimate was competitive – in line with York State and about half of what Dan Fulmer quoted us. No one seemed intoxicated or anything like that. I did get to hear about a bad back injury he had and a difficult time getting off of oxycodone. At the time it seemed reasonable and he was always sober when I saw him. Now I’m not sure. The whole job wound up costing us about $21,000, including additional work that had to be done when some extensive rot was discovered [perhaps due to previous shoddy work done by Empire/Siebert’s – another horror story.] .

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