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Published: 16 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I’m a recent retired US.Army veteran. I’m attending Virginia College in Savannah Ga. for network technician. This school is clearly all about money. They make up these ridiculous classes to keep money coming in to the school. They have these classes called EDU 1010 communication exploration and EDU 1020 career exploration. These classes have no bearing on what you come to the school for. The tell you that they can help you get a job. That is so false I recently found my own job without the school’s help. They make you take a test to get in the school its called EDU 100, if you pass that test they tell you can go to your program. Which is totally false. The dean of the school came back to the program director and said that all new students have to take the EDU 1010 class. This class is for someone that just came out of highschool. They have all this book work asking you about your experiences and if you give your thoughts according to the book its wrong. This school is clearly all about making money. I’m glad im almost done because clearly this was a big mistake attending this school. My next step is to report this school to the Department of Veterans Affairs to investigate what the school curriculum is.

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