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I hope no one else gets trapped in their devious stuff!

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Published: 03 June 2019

Posted by: Julia

I gave Vision Source a call to check if they can accept my health insurance card for their services, they put my call on hold for more than 30 minutes because apparently, the reception gal did not hear of my insurance company. Luckily after hearing 30 minutes of their dreadful hold music, she found my insurance thing and gave me an appointment for the same day. I reached the clinic and they tried to bill me $30 for a commission that I have never heard of in my whole life. Whenever I tried to ask them what exactly this charge was, they just escaped my question and avoided the question like it was a bullet. Later I found out that they cannot receive my insurance as well, by now I have already paid them $30.00 and I haven’t even met the doctor yet! When I heard about the insurance I told them that I would not be able to use their services, they said that they can do a simple check-up and they will not bill me for that, so I took the offer. Guess what happened the next day? THEY BILLED ME! Not only that, the staff was very rude and insensitive as well. The doctors were really careless and it seemed like they did not know much about their field of expertise as well. They trapped me to go only to their clinic by hooking my insurance plan with the clinic. Now I have no option but to go to Vision Source every time, I don’t have a choice. The worst thing about this clinic is the incompetency fo the doctors and the rude behaviour of the staff. It becomes really unbearable once they start showing you their true colours. Last week I was scheduled for an appointment at 5:00 PM, however, I had to wait for a whole hour before the doctor could see me. The front desk gal kept telling me that the doctor is a little busy and I should “skip this appointment altogether. I have some eye issues and thus I have to keep going regularly to an eye clinic, instead of keeping her mouth shut, the receptionist at Vision Source literally asked me, “Don’ you have a life?” What kind of fucked up question is that! Having genetic issues with my eyes was not a choice I was given and making such hurtful remarks is just pathetic.

If I had the power to close this place up then I would have done it right away. Heck, If I was Thanos, Vision Source would have been “snapped” up (see what I did there). I would advise everyone to avoid Vision Source under any circumstances, these guys are going to manipulate you and get you stuck here. Please find a different eye clinic and make sure that you do a good amount of research before making a financial commitment. For now, I’m stuck with these maniacs!

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