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Vision Trading-the suckers cave with lots of traps!

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Published: 06 August 2017

Posted by: Shari J. Guiterrez

I dread that day, still in my life. It was a Saturday afternoon in the month of September 2015. I was constantly getting emails and phones calls from this so called well-articulated trading business, based in the Nevada, United States.
My name is Peid, a 38 years old, working professional. I was taken into this scam, while I was in touch with this extremely polished and well-spoken guy called Jeffery L Rose on his personal phone number: +1 59854585459. I got numerous calls from this asshole, explaining and describing the way his company trades in, pays lock in interest and protects the various people in the buying and selling cycle of business.
I was really amazed to see his expertise in the subject and I couldn’t deny about his extremely amazing skills at convincing people like me, who don’t really give it in soon.
Somehow an idiot was successful in conning me down to put in an amount of $10,000 in order to get protected and also gain some interest on top of it. I was promised by this group of goons running the company since 2013, and being great at it, in terms of the market share and presence as of now. Actually my calls started to get routed between their fucking departments, only to torture me further.
However to my surprise and sheer bad luck, I couldn’t hear anything at all by them. I made several phone calls, emailed this guy on his email too. Gradually he dint respond too well to me. Then even stopped attending my calls and each of my contact to them, made him route my calls between their various departments, while the only response I got was from the hold on IVR so as to wait for being transferred.
This went on for a good 3-4 weeks, until I stood up to rectify my mistakes and work upon them.
However only to be disappointed further on from here, I could get nothing but some more shocking and surprising details about these tactics.
The company was entirely fraudulent, along with their unreal registration, faulty team member names, phones etc. This indeed shattered me for a while. I managed to somehow re-collect myself, out of this con.
This was a fraud company registered on similar details to other companies working and operating out in the open market, so indeed there was no way at all, these goons would have been behind the bars. There were numerous escrow web portals and Vision trading use to plot their offers, deals and stories on them. These bluffers never had anything of their own and all they did was pack their belongings and picked the escape route, very smartly.
I just hate these bluffers; while there is no way I can deal with them and get my investment back. I couldn’t even reach the court for this as all my details was proven wrong and had to bear the loss all by myself.
This company indeed tops the list of fraudsters if a list would be maintained. I indeed urge all you people out there to be extremely alert and careful. Before putting money in any such cases, irrespective of anything else above this.

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