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They scammed my sister and tried to steal money from her!

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Published: 04 May 2019

Posted by: Jeff

I came to Vision Veritas for my routine vision examination. I used to get my examination from my family doctor but he retired last month so I had to go to this place instead. I found Vision Veritas through their online website. They do make some big claims on the website, however, to be honest, the website is pretty ugly. Anyways, after my examination the doctor advised me to come back again for another examination, he also stated that the second exam would be covered by my insurance, which was a big fat LIE. The doctor deceived me as he told me that I could easily use my iAccount to pay for all the balance money and bills. They told me that the second examination will be counted under the health insurance and I should not worry about the monetary side. However, after the examination, I found out that my card was not processing the transaction and I had to pay the full amount worth $XXXX from my own pockets. And it didn’t end there, my sister came to the clinic after she heard that I started coming here, she thought that this place was good (or even better) than the last one. She needed to get glasses for her 13-year-old daughter. She went to Vision Veritas before consulting me and it was one of the worst mistakes she could have done. She told me that the doctor did the eye exam and tried to sell her contact lenses instead but she didn’t want to get contacts as they seemed a little dangerous to use in school. But after some forceful pitching, the doctor persuaded her into buying the contact lenses instead of the glasses. It wasn’t that much big of a problem, however, the contact lenses were not usable! They were normal contact lenses without any POWER at all. The kid was having trouble reading and she was even scolded in her class because she was not able to read what was on the whiteboard. When my sister went to the clinic to return the contact lenses and ask the doctor why the hell they are NOT powered, the doctor simply told her that those contact lenses were not from his clinic. WHAT A PATHETIC LAIR!!! He was denying the fact that she bought the contacts from HIM. I’m pretty sure not many people confront the doctor and that is why he was bemused. My sis told me about this incident today and after hearing this I couldn’t stop myself from writing this review. I am not a negative person, but Vision Veritas is an extremely low-class place which should be avoided at all costs. They earn their living by selling useless crap to their patients instead of helping them. PLEASE keep your children away from this clinic, it is just a place run by gluttonous scums!

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