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Published: 30 November 2017

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The following review is not made with malicious intent. The following review is an opinion and is protected under the first amendment. To the best knowledge of the reviewer, the below information is factual. The company runs what some might refer to as a bait and switch operation. The company has a bunch of rent-to-own homes listing websites and they charge interested customers for access to the listings on these websites. They do not have good data or homes on these websites. The company has a data entry department dedicated to the illegal practice of searching craigslist for rent-to-own homes, the data entry department then copies and advertises the craigslist listings on their own rent-to-own websites without the permission of the home owners who advertised on craigslist. The company also has homes that have already been sold or homes that have contact phone numbers that are not available. The whole point of the rent-to-own websites is to drive traffic to the companies call center. People call their call center regarding the listings and the rent-to-own process (BAIT) and they are then transferred to a partner of the company who is a major credit repair company (SWITCH), or they are referred to one of the owners other separately owned companies for federal student loan debt consolidation (SWITCH), or they are transferred to another financial consultation company for financial advisement (SWITCH). All of these SWITCHES cost the customer a pretty penny and are specifically what the customer originally called in for. On top of that, the company takes credit cards for the listings for a trial membership of 10 days for the fee of $1.95. After 10 days and no cancellation (the company’s customer service department is instructed to fight cancellation relentlessly) the customer has their credit card charged for $58.94 monthly until cancellation or the customer disputes the charge with their bank. This is a good time to mention that upper management at the company has in the past engaged in the practice of charging back products and services that were effectively rendered on their own company credit cards simply to avoid paying. On top of all of this, the company are setting up their own credit repair company. One possible goal that the company might have is to stop sending transfers to their partner (the major credit repair company) and instead transfer that business to their own Credit Repair Company. Sales reps are required to make at least 17 sales weekly on their transfer campaign to the major credit repair company (their partner), this number is unreasonable and employees who do not make it are frowned upon. The company has a very high amount of turnover for their call center. People leave this place so fast that their website is full of pictures of former employees. This place is a revolving door. This is likely why the company has “walk ins” as they call them which are really sales interviews at least three times a week every week and a new training class of 14 sales reps every other week. Out of those 14, it is highly likely that 90% will quit within two weeks. The company likely wastes enormous amounts of money on these trainees who do not return the favor by making sales for an extended period of employment. People come and go from this company all of the time. There might be age discrimination present at the company, as most employees appear to be in their twenties. The company is owned and managed by two brothers who are do not to show their faces to the people of their company. This is likely out of fear. The managing partners have a mouthpiece, the director of operations. This man has half of a college education and has not had much managerial experience relative to other directors of operations at other companies. The director of operations is a slick talker and this is likely the only ascertainable skill observed by most employees. It is likely that the director of operations fears that he himself does not possess many skills. Communication to upper management is limited as the director of operations spends the majority of his day in the office of one of the managing partners with the door shut, and the other managing partner does not work normal hours. The entire company is rigged with security cameras everywhere and everyone is watched from a TV screen in each of the managing partners’ offices. When the brothers started the company, it is likely that they promised the director of operations a percentage of the company under the table to him. The company is likely to be planning to intercept their partner’s business (the major credit repair company) with the launch of their own credit repair company and sell the company to the major credit repair company. The company is private and does not offer profit sharing. People are not compensated properly for how much they contribute to the company and if they learn too much, or get too nosey, they are more likely to be let go. The only way upper management maintains control is through the compartmentalization of knowledge to select employees. Outside of that, there is no structure provided for employees. If you are considering being a sales rep, just know that credit repair is something anyone can do for themselves, all a credit repair company does is send dispute letters challenging negative items on credit reports of client’s which they likely have an understanding to be accurately reported to credit bureaus. It is illegal to dispute negative items that are known to be accurate on a credit report. If you didn’t pay your bills, it is your fault. The company will likely attempt to get around this by sending requests to “validate the accuracy of negative items”, and the company will likely have the customer choose the items to dispute therefore mitigating risk to the customer. Morale appears to be very low at the company. The company also has a failed sugar daddy dating website which could potentially become a form of borderline prostitution, the company invested a lot of money and time into the website but it remains a spectacular failure. It is now likely that the managing partners of the company are the only male users with premium accounts on the website using it only for personal purposes.

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