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Do not want anyone to go through a traumatic experience as I did. 

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Just because a clinic looks fancy from the outside, does not mean that it has all the necessary traits or features that make it a good one too. This is the case with Vista Dental Care. Due to lack of constant care, my teeth developed a layer of hardened plaque making it look gross. Not only did it look bad but it caused other problems such as bad breath and stomach-ache. I decided to get my teeth cleaned and for that, I started looking for good dental clinics and that is when I came across Vista Dental Clinic. It seemed fine online and so I scheduled an appointment for the very next day.
I went to the clinic about 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. I was told to wait in the lobby as the doctor had not arrived. I had a bad headache that day and all I wished for was some silence but unfortunately, I didn’t get it. The receptionist keeps on talking loudly on the phone throughout the extra hour that I had to wait before the doctor finally arrived. I even asked her politely if she could keep her volume down but she did not seem to care.
Finally, my turn came and I went inside the doctor’s cabin. The doctor did not seem interested in the fact that he had a patient in his cabin as he too kept using his phone. It took him almost fifteen minutes to complete what he was doing. When I told him about the problem, he did not say a word. All he did was pen down the name of a few medicines and mouthwash and told me to come after a week. After doing this humungous task, he went back to what he was doing five minutes ago.
I bought all the medicines and went to him after a week. I did exactly what was written on the prescription. When I went into the clinic, the receptionist had to call the doctor to remind him about my appointment today. For a second time, I had to wait after reaching the clinic. Finally, the doctor came and the procedure started.
To keep me still, he had to call his assistant. His assistant held me so tightly that I could not even breathe and when I tried telling him that, I was shouted at by the doctor for ‘not letting them d their job’. The doctor used his hands to keep my mouth open and honestly, I felt like I was being tortured. When the procedure was completed, I couldn’t feel my cheekbones. That area of my face felt like it had been swollen. I was thankful to God that the cleaning was finally over.
Just because one has a doctor’s degree, it doesn’t make them a real doctor because a real doctor should be calm, understanding and assuring. I found none of these basic qualities in the doctor.

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