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Vitamin Vape is a scam

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Published: 11 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My friend has and trust me, it’s not a pleasant sight! My friend has seen more problems than benefits after trying Vitamin Vape! Yes, at first he liked the extra energy as he called it but later on, he experienced serious medical problems including nerve issues which are side effects that these guys do not tell you about! Please stop using Vitamin Vape or stay away from it altogether. This will harm you slowly in a way that you may not realize now! In fact, you should check this link for more information that is if you think I’m bluffing-

These cartridges have not been scientifically tested and may harm your body actually just like e-cigarettes may lead to bronchitis at times. It’s better to skip them. Even has the clear verdict on Vitamin Vape products. In fact, the company has cited Vitamin B12 efficiencies on inhalation from studies which go back to 1953 although this data is unsubstantiated and highly questionable. Experts have highlighted the security concerns with Vitamin Vape since it avoids the stomach and directly delivers vitamins into our respiratory tracts. Now the effects are unknown for these vitamins since no dedicated scientific research is there. In fact, it’s all a marketing ploy which people are falling for, thinking it’s healthy and just like my friend did. Trust me, he’s falling sick and in a mess so you should also stay away from Vitamin Vape. Quit smoking naturally; you don’t need this to harm your body inside out.

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