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Published: 21 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Disappointed and dissatisfied with Vita’s Hair Replacement Services. I have been a customer for exactly two and a half years. My first human hair replacement unit made from Remy hair (from Brazil or India) was the best unit. It lasted 6 months. This was in 2011. All subsequent units after that have lasted only 3 to 4 months. My last unit was put on my head right before Memorial Day 2013 lasted ONLY two and a half months. Hair was falling out in clumps every day. Vita charges me a deposit of $500 to get a unit made. It takes about 3 weeks to get made. The next payment is $900 balance which is due when the unit is applied to your head. This is a total of $ 1400, plus $135 every 3 to 4 weeks to get the unit shampooed and re-applied back onto your head with adheasive. My tip every 3 weeks is $30, even though I have felt many times that it is not deserved. She always asks for gratuity. PROBLEMS WITH VITA’S SERVICE: 1. One time she had her new assistant apply the unit on my head after shampooing. Assisant did not use the correct adhesive causing the unit to start comming off after 2 days and a return visit to the salon on day 3. She also did not use an alcohol pad on my forehead to remove excess oil and pespiration. 2. Constant problems with switching up types of adhesives and NOT telling the client. One adhesive dried to a “white” color all around my head. I assume this adhesive is made for caucasians and not african americans. I had to use alcohol the next day to remove the white residue. It took almost 2 years after I kept complaining about the adhesive that she finally got an ahdesive that dries to a “clear” color plus maximum hold. I did’nt even know there was such a thing ! Not sure why she did not do this much earlier. She is supposed to be the expert, not me. 3. Hair constantly falling out. My bathroom floor is always full of hair. Vita always blammes me for the hair shedding. I have done everything she has asked of me, from using a satin bonnet when I sleep, to not using a brush. The unit sheds so much that it is reduced to less than 40 % volume of the original unit after only 3 months. This is what ends up costing you. You have no choice but to order a new unit. $1400 !!! 4. I travel 52 miles from Vita’s salon to home. This takes me one and a half hours when there are no major traffic issues. I live north of Baltimore near Pennsylvania border. Despite this, Vita always keeps me waiting. She sees no urgency in trying to get me out as soon as possible. Even when I tell her how long it takes me to get home. 5. Finally, Vita ordered a unit for me that was supposed to be off brown color, but ended up looking blond. I did not order this color, but had no choice but to take it because my old unit was so bad. No applogy was made. Vita is a very good stylist. I have seen her other clients that do NOT HAVE replacement hair. What Vita needs to do is to STOP ADVERTIZING AS A HAIR REPLACEMENT SPECIALIST. She does good hair styling, but needs more training in hair replacement. Vita, I spend around $7000 to $8000 a year in your salon. You have lost a very good client. You are also way over priced. .

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