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Published: 23 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Tried to find Luke Bryan Tickets for sale in Spokane Valley. Stumbled upon Vivid Seats followed directions 103.00 was the ticket price shown for the upper level. Next step was to enter credit card information and billing information thee was no total shown before purchase. I was waiting for the next screen to pop up like amazon, ebay, and a million other sites for you to confirm full total before purchase. The next page displayed was for a full total with break down of all fees but your card was already charged before agreed to full purchase price. 1st page shows unit price of 103.00 there is no break down of service fee taxes or download able fee before you agree. Again this is only shown once you enter your credit informaton. Total fraud tried calling cusotmer service line Nina tried to say it showed on the left hand side before purchase. Once I told her that, that is not possible bcause you have to enter your billing information before anything she stated “your not letting me speak” I would say I am listening go ahead and speak and again she would say it was on the left hand side of the screen and again I would say how was it there when it was asking for billing and shipping info and of course again she would say your not letting me speak.. So again I said tell me, tell me what you mean then she said its in the terms and agreement so I question their terms show a break down on price and she said no its on the left side of your screen… She is only right in once sense.. and that is yes it does show you the break down and price but that is AFTER you have already been charged. I asked to speak to someone else because she kept saying are you going to let me explain and her explanation is noted above. She said there was no one else to talk to only her. I hung up and called back and all of a sudden they were closed. I am filling with the BBB and already with my bank as fraud as I was not shown a total purchase price before agreeing to pay. This company took my money based on seat price and not disclosing their additional 50.00 service fee and 13.00 download fee… I would have never agreed to this being that the areana charges 69.75 a ticket and they are trying to charge double the fee …….. I called my bank to say this is fraud as we didnt agree to a total purchase price first.. They just charge you right away so you cannot 2nd guess or disagree with them before charged// Total fraud and this will be reported w/ the BBB – how they can say they are accreidted with so many complaint I have no clue..

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