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Published: 07 February 2018

Posted by: Valerie

I bought a 56 inch dlp rear projection television from hsn for $1999.99 on a flex pay schedule. At first it was fine, then I had to replace the lamp. I called vivitek and ordered a lamp and the tech on the phone walked me through resetting the lamp so i did not have across the screen in big red letter, replace lamp. They took my credit card info and sent me a lamp. I had approx 240 lamp time hours left, but when the tech had me reset the lamp it gave me more time, the picture was not too bad yet, so I waited to replace it. The lamp was ordered in March. In June the picture was becoming distorted so time to put the new one in. Two menu screens jumped up on my tv screen, all sorts of distortions and different colors. what a mess. The LED lights were blinking so I resorted to the trouble shooting guide book from vivitek. It stated my problem was power lamp failure. I called vivitek, at a number on there booklet to find it was no longer in service, after several days i was able to come up with a 877 number, which i listed above. It prompted three options, and mine was the third. When I prompted for this option, all it said was it was out of warranty, so to get someone live on landline I prompted for a different prompt and Finally gave a live person, who referred me to corporate division to a girl named Claudia. After several debates, she extended the warranty on the lamp, after all they had changed their phone number, which took me time to find another, then when I did speak to a live person, you could just about understand them to to language barriers, I asked for a supervisor, they told me they had none at first, then it would always seem they were not there then and they would tell me to call back tomorrow, in which I would go through the same ordeal again. They had me first obtain a RMA number, which I had to wait some time for, then pack up and return the lamp, which I paid shipping for for a defective part to begin with, so now you have, $1999.99 for the TV, $196.80 for the lamp, return shipping for approx $11.00 ground. Then I called them for confirmation of receiving the lamp and expectancy of receiving a new one, the told me (you guessed it, call tomorrow. Any messages left were never returned for the most part. Now a month later, I still have no lamp, no tv, a direct tv bill I am still paying for a tv I can not watch and they could care less. They just dance you around and stall you. Now finally in the last few days, I again call to check on shipment, which I had tracked and found a subject named Chang had signed for. They now tell me they have checked out the lamp and find nothing wrong with it and are returning the same lamp to me. Hold up, I know the lamp is defective due to their trouble shooting instructions, pointing to power lamp failure, the tv shutting down making and weird noise and restarting, putting the old lamp back in to check the difference, the old lamp playing a short time and then becomes distorted but the new one problems right from jump street. Do they thing If i did not try this between the old and new lamps, I would pack up and pay shipping to them because I had a good lamp. I told her I did not want the same lamp back again and wanted a NEW lamp or reimburse monies, again she can not get that through her little head and again repeats they will return this defective lamp to me People I have spoken to there, Mel, Sharie, Claudia, and I have received nothing but the run around from Mel and Shari, almost like a practiced skit. I will now be in the process of contacting the atty generals office, consumer protection division, the better business and now you people, Never again will I ever buy a Vivitek product, from hsn or any one else, but now this has also set me against buying products from television, especially big ticketed items. This company needs to be ashamed of what they do to customers. CHEATS, and I hope some lawyer does pick this up and runs with it, its not fair to consumers, nor is it professional, where do they make these things, out of garage? I also understand that possibly Texas Instruments possibly if in business with them. If so, shame on you TI. So come on lawyers I do not thing hard working people should have to take this swindle laying down, teach them a lesson and hello USA made from now on for me. People work too long and too hard for their money to have to go through this. And by the way they could not give me a list of companies who repair their crap, because of obtaining the parts, they can not, why not vivitek is the only one who sells them, now wasn’t that convenient!

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