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Published: 01 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

They offer samples in the various malls attached to hotels in Las Vegas. I have managed to avoid them at the malls art home but Vegas is tough. They stand in the middle of the smaller aisles that attach the various malls to the hotels. I heard them make nasty comments about tourists who didn’t stop, especially the Asian tourists who may not speak English. They got me the 1st night of my vacation. Lured me in because I felt sorry for the poor girl who was trying to give out the samples. The products are OK but not at the prices. This ripoff happens all over the US, in every mall – not just Vegas. The give away is recognizing the Dead Sea Minerals and that the prices are utlra-high and ridiculous. They showed a fake website on an iPad (no url was showing). it claimed that the regular price for the collagen eye gel was $2,925. I didn’t flinch. Next product was a micro-dermabrasion peeler gel at $595. When I didn’t react, there was a one day special – for $395, I could have both products. I said that I would think about it. The collagen eye gel was on one undereye, so the saleswoman offered to “”even me out””. The cost for today only became $595. She started explaining that she bought the products for her Mother & Sisters and would give me that price since I seemed to understand facial care. The micro-derm gel went to $49. I said OK because in my head, I knew it was a department store price. She went into a back room to get my change for the $60 I handed over. (I didn’t want them having my credit card number). It was a masterpiece of a scam. She showed me a cash register with a terminal display of the products. The eye gel with the $595 price was on the screen. She wanted me to keep “”her”” price a secret – it was $79. I said I would think about it. She didn’t actually have enough cash to give me back $11 in change, so I took some samples and a $5 bill. I was happy to escape. When I got back to my room, I looked up Vivo per Lei on the Internt. Found the micro-derm gel on Amazon for $8.20. I’m not sure that the manufacturer is 100% responsible for these sales. Beware of the kiosks and the aggressive sales people who follow you.

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