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Published: 10 April 2020

Posted by: WilnavBvA

16 August 2017(Thursday) – I went to Vodashop-Centurion Lake to upgrade my cellophane and chose a Samsung Galaxy S7 with a uChoose Flexi 200 contract. I used the phone for the next few days but the problem was that the phone dropped the wi-fi all the time. I then tried my son”s P9 Huawei with the same wi-fi in exactly the same place at the same time. The Huawei worked perfectly while the Samsung could not even open one app. – 21 August 2017(Monday) – As stated in the Vodacom contract I returned the phone within 7 calendar days . I spoke to a lady (Ingrid, they said she is the manager) and I told her that I would like to return the Samsung and I would rather swoop it for a Huawei. She told me that she can not do it, the phone must be assessed and that they will contact me in 7 days. – 28 August 2017 – They phoned me and told me I must come and get my phone, there is nothing wrong with it. I went to the Vodashop and asked to speak to the manager (this time someone else called Kosta. I told him that I have my own business and I need a reliable phone. He told me that they will send my request through to head office and will phone me back on Thursday, 31 August. – 31 August 2017 – Kosta never phoned. – 1 September 2017 I phoned Kosta. He said that he will look into the matter and asked me which phone I would like to have. I told him a P10 Huwaei, he told me that Ingrid will phone me on Monday so that I can fetch my phone. I asked him if he is talking about the Samsung or the Huawei and he said the Huawei. – 4 September 2017 (Monday) – Ingrid never phoned. – 5 September 2017 – My secretary phoned. They told her they don”t have an answer and that they will phone on Thursday. – 7 September 2017 – Nobody from Vodaphone calls as promised. – 8 September 2017 – My secretary phones Kosta. This time he can”t remember who she and what she is talking about. He said I should have brought my phone in, in seven days. She told him the whole story and he told her he can do nothing about it. My secretary told him that their customer care is very bad and he said she must contact head office to complain. I have had three contracts (for myself, my mother and my son) for years. My bills are paid, I have never complained before but when I need service they refuse. –

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