Do not even think of considering them. Horrible is an understatement.

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Published: 25 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’m writing this with lots and lots of frustration, anger and agony. Unfortunately i had thought of considering VogueShaire for my wedding photography. Everything seemed good at the first glimpse, i checked their Instagram profile and reviews online (which i later realised were all fake and planted). I called them for a meeting, initially they were hesitant to come meet me instead wanted me to come to their office, anyway they somehow sent someone from their team named Garvit Sahni. He came and showed me all their work and albums and quoted me 2.5 lacs for the same. I told him i would get back to him after a few days, he kept on calling and messaging non stop until i did, i got back to him and asked him to negotiate and asked for the best price, he didnt negotiate at all, he was stuck on his price, i even told him that i would reduce the deliverables and we can work something out, he did not listen and was adamant that we want a minimum billing of 2.5 lacs only. I finally told him no and then he replies saying that you shouldnt have wasted my time , if you didnt have the budget you shouldnt have met in the first place. He was extremely rude, unprofessional and totally ridiculous. He had absolutely no sense to talk or communicate. This shows the kind of company Vogueshaire is and the kind of people they deal with. I tried to make him understand but he just wouldnt get it, he wouldnt stop with this idiocracy and ridiculity. This is a horrible experience and i would never recommend anyone to ever hire or use Vogueshaire for their wedding. Do not fall prey to the fake positive reviews on all wedding business marketing platforms. When i found out about them, they were a lot of people who regretted using their service, please be careful and if you ever come across this person named Garvit Sahni then make sure you do not fall for a word for what he says. Please be warned! After this experience i will make sure i focus on getting good team with good decent people rather than people having fake positive reviews intended to fool and lure people in falling for their trap and then disrespect and be rude to them and not even be sorry about it. Shame on you Garvit Sahni. This is highly unprofessional.

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