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Published: 13 July 2019

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If you are searching for a VPN (virtual private network) Service to do some secure business on the Internet, be aware of the VPN Account Company ran by Ann Moroz. She advertises her service can be ordered by the week (“1 week VPN Account” listed on her website) and hides the fact that she will keep hitting your credit card every week thereafter until you notice the charges. She uses a company called PayPro to handle charging your credit card to keep a layer of protection for herself. When you call PayPro to try and get reimbursed for the charges they tell you that they will “put in a request”. Then she refuses the request! Don’t use this company or be WARNED about this business practice! If this entity was a running their business openly and honestly, the recurring costs and ongoing credit card charges would be spelled out clearly and boldly to prevent anyone from being charged for something that they did not agree to. Since I purchased the service for 1 week and got taken and charged for many more, Ann Morris added a “click on link” to show these recurring charges that was not there before. But, that fact that your credit card will continue to be charged every week is still very discrete and hidden from the customer! The authorization to continue to charge your card in the future should be a fact that is clear, straightforward and specifically signed off on by the customer at the time of purchase! This is one more individual taking and living off other peoples hard earned money!!!!! Pass the RIP-OFF word around!!!!! .

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