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Published: 21 October 2018

Posted by: Chandni1988

I am also was one of the victim and that was the main reason I had to quit my job from Wingify. The HR’s are so powerless and vulnerable that they cant do anything, I feel theat they are helpless. The new CEO of Wingify Sparsh Gupta, fools around with every new girl into the trap. Initially he portraits as if he is very candid and a kind person and will give you his number to call him anytime in case you face any problem in the organisation. But gradually you will realize that the organisation is not a problem, it is actually Sparsh Gupta is the main problem. He is extreme adulterer and womanizer. He will offer you to go for a drink after office or he will always find some context to offer you to drive back to home and ask you for going out for a dinner together or sometimes he will offer some business trip together. I couldn’t analyze his intentions and been on a dinner and after that he tried to force himself on me; I was lucky to get rid from his trap. I was so terrified by this act that I couldn’t go to office for good 5 days. The next week when I reached office, The HR asked me to leave the organization and the reasoned that my documents were not been verified by my old company which was again such as untrue event planted by Sparsh Gupta, because I didn’t accepted his invitation and negotiate on my dignity. I quickly spoke to him and he fabricated as if nothing happened that day; I felt that I am now evicting of his erotic intentions and I have to leave otherwise he will try to grab me once again. I given preference to my dignity and quit the job. Though I submitted my experience on few corporate website but somehow after 7 Days to 10 days everything was deleted; I’m sure Sparsh Gupta paid some money and got it deleted. I don’t even know if this review will be read by anyone else or it will be deleted. In case you are reading this please don’t fall in the honey trap of Sparsh Gupta. And this is the Naked Truth of Wingify. CHAT SCREEN CAPTURE ATTACHED.

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