W C Construction (Warren Condell)

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Published: 23 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This looser is a real piece of work. He’s slick, conniving and is out only to rip people off by robbing them of their money and not providing them with decent work. Because redbeacon does not care about the financial side of their sub contractors, their main goal is to get the 25& 37; upfront fee from them regardless if the subs do bad work!. How i know so much about this guy is because i had to research him when i took him to court for his 2nd lawsuit. The reason he has to rob folks the manner in which he does Through redbeacon) is that know other company will hire him so he has to get as much money as he can when he finally lands a bid. He used to work for home adviser but was let go because a customer sued him for scamming her, that’s when he went to redbeacon. I sued him for the same thing but redbeacon does not throw out their trash and they are continuing to keep this looser on their list to go into peoples’ homes and rip them off. Forget about all those 5 star reviews you see on his website because he goes in and rate himself – how i know this is that he used my name as a fake review and put 4 stars in front of it. The reviews that have 1,2 and 3 stars are the real reviews. If he only had the reviews real customers posted his average would not be a 98. And all the hype about redbeacon giving you $500 back if youre not satisified is a bunch of baloney. At the time i hired him it was $1000, i complained to them about the shoddy work, him using my name as a fake review and more complaint. Redbeacon did absolutely nothing and did not even offer me $1000 back. Warren claimed they put him on suspension for 10 days and tried to countersue me for defamation when i said he used my name as a fake review. Please go to this website, follow the prompts, plug in warren condell and you will see everything you need to know about who you are letting in your home. justice.Fultoncountyga.Gov/pastmagcrtcm/search.Aspx?Id=100&nodeid=200,201,202,300,310,320,330&nodedesc=all Also view his criminal record and their are more records on google when you plug his name in Georgia.Arrests.Org/arrests/warren_condell_5974799

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