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Published: 02 December 2017

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Mary Anderson Brown Ripped off her mothers last years of her life: True story to add to Roselle Browns legacy past owner of WM Brown construction Company. Westminster, Colorado. She thinks she can play God? Best Medial care vs. don’t give a d* just kill her! However, practically speaking, decisions to deny food and fluids do not center around “burdensome means.” The decisions, instead, focus on people who are considered “burdens.” The real questions are: “Do we continue to feed people who are disabled, demented, abandoned, or unwanted? Or do we end their lives by the universally effective, deadly measure of stopping food and fluids?” Removing food and water because the person is considered burdensome or “better off dead” is legally permitted. Ethically, it is a way of killing the person – directly, intentionally, and cruelly. Not many years ago, discussions about denying food and fluids were shocking. The reverse is now the norm. Healthcare providers are more likely than not to suggest and, in some cases, pressure patients or their decision-makers to authorize withholding or withdrawal of the “medical treatment” of food and fluids. That is another reason why it is so important that a person be assertive regarding his or her own rights and name an agent in a durable power of attorney for health care (like the PMDD) who can be assertive on the person’s behalf. This directive doesn’t allow Hospice or anyone else to do what was done to Rose! HHA’s (Home Health Aides) watched Mary Anderson (Brown) Owner of WM Brown Construction Company with the help of Denver Hospice and her siblings kill her mother Roselle Brown right before mothers day, her birthday and her 60th year anniversary! All because of lies, deceit and selfishness! No getting evidence they conveniently cremated her! Mary did it openly in front of the 3 Home Health Providers who had taken care of Rose for 2 yrs. They resided in the home with them 24/7. Was there a life insurance policy in place? Mary did this all right out in the open, not trying to hide anything, after Rose death the HHA’s log came up missing in this log book Mary Anderson wrote in the Log that Morphine has no affects on Rose and if we believed it was a lie! It was believed that Rose was being poisoned to death by all her prescription drugs! The log also proved that her vital signs were good! Last year Rose kept asking what all her medications were for, if they were necessary and what was in them and why? Mary completely ignored her request! Mary never told her father or asked him or Rose if it was okay to cut her life short! Rose could tell you if she wanted ice cream or pie, she could communicate! Mary Anderson s parents are old and she took advantage of them both! The woman is evil and has issues! Facts: Roselle supposedly had the final stages of Dementia but it was known that she wanted to die at home. Rose told hospice to leave her home on 3 different occasions.. She also told them to leave as family members tried to quiet her as her husband signed the papers. They felt she was probably mentally incompetent but she could talk at times and understood more than what they gave her credit for! Rose become ill and couldn’t walk due to an infection that was left untreated for months, she now was what Mary called a two man job! So Mary decided to have Hospice come in to help out. At first Wayne refused and asked for another Drs opinion, and Mary said “not now dad while we are in the middle of this.” After repeated request Mary and Dr. Rossman refused! Wayne Brown signed the papers after being reassured that it was only for the free stuff and that nothing was going to happen to Rose. And that Hospice was not going to take her medicines away from her. They would be assisting transporting her from bed to living room chair ( to keep her from getting bed sores) along with other minor duties. Mary also told him that he could stop it(Hospice) at any time, but when Wayne tried she would shut him down, when he told her no more morphine she refused and said that it wasn’t going to hurt Rose and it did! It made her lethargic and unable to walk and drowsiness. Wayne Brown also told Mary Brown that he wanted a different doctor to examine Rose of which she repeatedly refused him. She had all the symptoms of What is Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus why wasn’t she checked for this and just plain depression! The wrong medications can give you symptoms of dementia with out actually having it! After a long period of time who knows what else it can do? Rose could walk fairly well but sometimes on her tippy toes – she should have had therapy for this but for the last couple of years the family members refused to get her therapy on her foot even though it was free. They didn’t even want to do work on her teeth saying that she never brushed them when in the beginning of her care we watched her brush them all the time! Family neglect and abuse! While in HHA’s care when she didn’t walk it was because she had an infection, due to having to wear a diaper due to not always being able to get her to the rest room on time,the last time she had an infection a nurse was in the home once a week and for 4 months nothing was done about it Even though it was was told that Dr Rossman wouldn’t return their calls.(nurses) He kept suggesting Hospice he puts it in peoples mind letting them know they can legally kill their patients, he probably gets kick backs from hospice to do so! Mary was told about Rose infection condition several times and refused to do anything about it until she was in the home helping on a daily basis and was reminded of it again. The 3 HHA’s caregivers who took care of Rose for the past 2 years felt that maybe it spread to some other part of her body. Which was left unchecked. It was treated after It kept being brought to Mary’s attention, but not to see if it had spread to somewhere else. Rose didn’t start to go down hill until the family members came into the home to help care for her. Rose had good days and her bad and with the medicines they had her on all the time? Why do this to your own mom before she can celebrate some of the most important times of her life? At least one more time? Oh Mary’s life of her boating and skiing, the twins, and her personal life didn’t want to suffer for her mother, oh all that work, her birthday, mothers day and her 60yr anniversary? Lets just put her down like a dog! This is when it started the families members had to come in a few times a day to help move her, they didn’t have to do it because the HHA’s offered to do it without pay. Encompass Home Healthcare gave Mary many different options but she didn’t want to have to pay for anything extra, Rose also had a mattress on her bed that was very uncomfortable for her, Mary brought her one from home that wasn’t much better. When Hospice came in all the HHA’s were very concerned about what might happen to Rose and that they were trying to get rid of her, concerns were voiced to the weekend CNA and it was reported to the head hospice nurse at the time who did nothing but run over to Mary’s house! Other Hospice personnel were told and they wouldn’t believe anyone or just plain didn’t give a shit! You could talk to Rose and she still understood what was going on, it was a problem that Mary never asked her mother what she wanted! Mary wanted the burden gone! Mary Brown even told the social worker that it was for the free stuff in the beginning until she realized she could get rid of her mother legally and not have to worry about it. Oh I believe it was planned! Rose hardly ever had any pain except for in her knees every so often which was taken care of with Tylenol. Rose had no serious pain her daughter Mary was fabricating it! It was noticed that because of the morphine Rose started to have problems swallowing her pills and walking .Mary took her off all vitamins saying that the were no longer needed! We became concerned because Mary started to give Rose Morphine for every little thing so we voiced our concerns and she got mad at us. Rose told us that she didn’t want any more morphine because she felt like she was dying from it. Concerns were even voiced to Sharon that Mary was giving her morphine and she just laughed as she walked out the door! Mary told one HHA that morphine had no side affects and wasn’t going to hurt her mother, she was even giving it to her for sleep. Rose already had medications for sleep, so was this even more over dosing???This medicine can cause drowsiness and lightheartedness. If these symptoms last longer than 3 to 5 days, talk to your doctor. Which Mary did not do! Morphine can make you feel dizzy or faint, and increase your risk of falling. Be careful getting up, changing position, or walking. Start slowly and hold onto something or someone to keep you steady. If you feel lightheaded or dizzy, it may help to lie down. It kept Rose from walking and getting better! Since morphine affects the central nervous system, do not take other drugs or substances that slow down the brain or nervous system such as alcohol, sedatives, muscle relaxers, and sleeping pills unless your doctor tells you to do so. Nothing done they were poisoning her! Call your doctor right away if you have trouble breathing, get short of breath, get confused, feel very drowsy, or start seeing or hearing things that aren’t there. These may be signs your dose is too high, or you could have gotten an accidental overdose of the medicine. This is exactly what it was doing to Rose! No side effects! Mary was full of s* Why wasn’t a doctor or nurse regulating everything? Why was the daughter being allowed to do it freely and as she saw fit? Except for maybe Dementia, if it was even that no one really knows because her pills kept getting messed with. The Encompass nurse had questioned about why Mary was giving Rose pills and them repeatedly taking them away and then giving them back when she felt like it, the HHAs had repeatedly witnessed this also! Mary was enraged and then fired Encompass Home Health Providers. Where was Dr Rossman in all this? We heard him talking last year asking if Mary wanted to put Rose into Hospice, is he getting kickbacks from Hospice?Why would you put someone in Hospice that wasn’t dying? Rose told one HHA several times that her daughter was trying to kill her for the money. Hospice was allowing Mary to use the morphine freely without regulating it to see it it was necessary and even if she had any pain. With morphine if you give it to someone who doesn’t need it when they come done from it, a side affect is that they have pain, thus making seem as if she needed it for pain when she did not. Wayne Brown saw what it was doing to Rose making her sleep for days on end, he voiced his concerns to Mary and she said that it was b* it was because she wasn’t sleeping at night. No matter what Wayne said Mary would not listen to her parents wishes, she was over bearing and had to have things her way and putting her mother down at her fathers expense was one of them! Rose not sleeping never affected her this way! Wayne and Rose both told Mary no more morphine without Wayne’s permission! She would not listen She was over bearing and had a Plan!(to be rid of her mother as soon as possible) Couldn’t ruin her summer fun! This was known not be true even when she did not sleep it was not like this! Symptoms can also include changes in personality, mood, and behavior. In some cases, the dementia can be treated and cured because the cause is treatable. Examples of this include dementia caused by combinations of prescription medications, and hormone or vitamin imbalances. In some cases, although the person may appear to have dementia, a severe depression can be causing the symptoms. This is known as pseudo-dementia (false dementia) and is highly treatable. In most cases, however, true dementia cannot be cured. She was on so many medications with no consistency. They also changed care providers they had Encompass for years who knew everything about Rose and her medications. They got all new people who knew nothing about her real situation, YES Mary was very clever to cover her tracks! We were told by Mary and Sharon that her mother would be gone soon, this was really questioned this as her vitals signs were good, it was the morphine that was killing her! We asked the weekend CNA how you could tell and she said there was no way to really know how much longer she had to live because there was no real consistency with her medications. It was told that she had cancer but that was years ago and she beat it, if she had cancer if that were the case the HHA’s would of known it, One HHA over heard Doctors tell Mary she did not have cancer. Mary had a fit because she wanted her mother to have it. Red flags started last year when Rose was sent to the hospital for low blood pressure. The doctors were not sure why so they admitted her and took all kinds of test, they said that couldn’t find anything wrong. Mary asked the doctor well what about the cancer on her kidney and the doctor said they didn’t find anything and that she didn’t have cancer. Another HHA questioned Mary about it last year and Mary told her it was nothing! Every time she went to the Doctor there was at least one HHA present! After she was sent home Mary typed up a letter stating that her mom had cancer and that she got ill because The HHAs gave her Gatorade that had too much sodium in it., he blood pressure was low! It was researched and no one has ever heard of it! It was always mixed with water she was never given that much. As a source of sodium, Gatorade potentially increases your blood pressure. High-sodium diets can cause high blood pressure, according to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Each 8-ounce serving of most Gatorade products supplies about 110 milligrams of sodium. Healthy adults should not have more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day. Your total sodium intake quickly adds up when you drink Gatorade instead of drinking water or other sodium-free beverages. The HHAs were also trying to get her to lose some weight so that when she walked it would help her she lost around 15 pounds, Mary told us that if she lost any more weight she wanted to know why? After she told the HHA’s that her mom had cancer and was going to wither away???? She said that her moms knees were shot anyway. Mary stated that Rose had been on a diet her whole life and was allowed to eat like a teenager from here on out. It was obvious that she did not want to see her mother well. After Hospice came in for a few months Mary started to have family members and friends come in because unknown to everyone that Mary and her siblings were planning her death! Rose was even questioning it? On the last day at home Rose had family members visiting she was laughing and had a good day, except for when she had problems explaining to her sister where home meant to her. It made her sad that she couldn’t communicate it. But Rose had a back pain that afternoon because she was not positioned in her chair correctly , Rose weighed 180lbs because of this Her daughter Mary found this to be a prime opportunity so instead of re-positioning her and trying to find the real problem she throws two viles of liquid morphine into her mouth (no nurse present)………..when the second shift HHA comes in Rose is fine! And then all the sudden Mary keeps giving her more Morphine calls the Hospice nurse and they give her the full allowed amount, what for a back ache? They then get an ambulance and send her to Hospice, when she arrived Hospice asked Mary if her mom had been eating or drinking, Mary lied and said that she had not for 2 weeks but this was a lie! That day Rose had 2 bowls of oatmeal and a big piece of meatloaf! Hospice ignored the truth! After she was in hospice family members told the nurses to give her morphine every hour so that rose couldn’t speak for herself! When first in Hospice one HHA witnessed that her vital signs were good! Hospice was over dosing her on morphine by directions of a family member and not a doctor?They then dehydrated and staved her to death. At that time when they would allow her to come down from the Morphine a bit she would open her eyes. The HHAS talked to her and told her everything and that they loved her and did everything they could to protect her! One HHA asked the Hospice personnel why they were giving her more morphine when it was evident that she was out? They replied that she asked for it? There was no way that she could of asked for it with her mouth open out cold from all the over dosing from before? What has Hospice come to? Wayne was under the impression that Rose was going to wake up and eat, they lied to him also and we had to stand by and watch it, social services were called in to be told what was going on and it was brought to the MANAGER of Denver hospice attention. Nurses were told and anyone who would listen and nothing was done! They tried to talk to a family member who was from out of town and she made it known that it was what Rose wanted! It was in writing, the HHAs were not buying it! Rose was heard telling hospice to leave! Rose was heard along with Wayne telling Mary no more morphine! It was known that she wanted to die in her home! Rose passed 2 weeks later. She hung on as long as she could! Hospice starved and dehydrated her to death at Mary’s instructions! Money is the fruit of all evils and it is said that this is legal and allowed to happen when a trusted family member cares more about themselves than they do their own parents. The Doctors involved get kickbacks from Hospice and Hospice gets paid handsomely from Medicare to do away with these family members early! It is funny how one person said that it was from the cancer that she did not have and then the chaplain said that it was her dementia shutting down parts of her body! It was the morphine! Why wasn’t a doctor there to give his opinion the family were allowed to be the Doctors! What a bunch of crap! Where was the counselor to evaluate? Mary was always messing with Rose medications! The HHA’s watched it all Rose children did not like there mother and made it known to everyone, especially Sharon! While all this was happening Rose old dog was so upset he wasn’t cared for properly because the family members were not taking care of him properly!…they probably gave him morphine too! They put him down before Rose funeral, It was difficult to keep quiet! He was fine when the HHAs were allowed to care for him! Rose Browns HHA’s cared for her more than just a job and there could not be sleep at night until the whole world knows how Rose Brown died! Maybe it was her keeping them up at night to tell her story. Rose Grandchildren need to know the truth and it is so sad that Wayne Brown may be next! The real questions are: “Do we continue to feed people who are disabled, demented, abandoned, or unwanted? Or do we end their lives by the universally effective, deadly measure of stopping food and fluids?” Removing food and water because the person is considered burdensome or “better off dead” is legally permitted. Ethically, it is a way of killing the person – directly, intentionally, and cruelly. That is another reason why it is so important that a person be assertive regarding his or her own rights and name an agent in a durable power of attorney for health care (like the PMDD) who can be assertive on the person’s behalf. This directive doesn’t allow Hospice or anyone else to do what was done to Rose! Don’t allow selfish, lazy, family ,members get rid of you before Gods time! They will answer to him someday! This report was done by the best of the knowledge to be true by the three HHA’s. .

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