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Published: 09 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

If you have bills to pay and/or a family to feed, don’t even think about working for Waking Management. They post several misleading ads on Craigslist and Monster on a regular basis. Some of the ads don’t even explain in detail what they do. I worked for them for a couple of months and it was the biggest mistake of my life. Basically, Waking Management is a marketing company that sends reps to big box stores like Sam’s Club and Best Buy to approach every customer and try to sell them DirecTV services. When I got hired, I was told that I would be making a guaranteed base pay of $400 per week plus $105 for every sale. I was working three jobs at the time and the money sounded good so I quit all my jobs to take this one. Waking Management did NOT live up to their promise. I worked 45-50 hours a week, 6 days a week with only Wednesdays off and averaged 2-3 sales a week and only received $288 per week.I got 3 sales my first week so I was expecting a $715 first check. The feeling of disappointment when I opened up my first check was indescribable, after working my a** off for 6 days a week with no weekends off. Not to mention I was going through some tough financial times with car trouble, so I needed every penny. After that first check, I had no choice but to find a night job to make ends meet. I was tired and worked my hardest every day, but I never received more than $288 per week. They make you sign a contract which states that they can pay you LESS than minimum wage. They pay you 6.00 per hour with no overtime. I was never paid for my commissions or overtime. I was mislead into thinking that you would get $105 for each sale in addition to the base pay, which is not true. You would need to get at least five sales in order to get a commission on top of the paltry $288/week base pay. This is incredibly difficult considering the fact that the Hartford region is a very difficult market for DirecTV because the area is dominated by Comcast and Cox. I worked my a** off approaching every customer and even “”stretching the truth”” a little bit in order to get sales and the most I ever got in a week was 3 sales. Nobody in the office ever got more than five sales in a week. Our jobs were constantly being threatened and we were constantly being told that we would be fired if we didn’t reach our goals. Every morning when we got to work, we would have a meeting which they called “”AM Atmosphere”” where the manager would brag about how much money he makes and brainwash us into thinking that if we stick with this, that we could be making six figures and eventually have their own office within 12 months. Owning your own office is an incredibly difficult task to reach considering the fact that Hartford is a difficult market and nobody wants to work 6 days a week for 12 months only getting paid $288 per week. The owner can’t possibly be making as much as he claims, considering the fact that he doesn’t even drive a car and lives in a low end housing project in the middle of the Hartford ghetto. Even if he was making six figures, he should be paying his employees a decent wage; maybe then there wouldn’t be such a high turnover rate. Working for Waking Management was the biggest mistake of my life and I will never work in a commissioned sales job again unless its selling houses or cars. You are better off working 45-50 hours per week at McDonald’s. You get paid $2.25 more per hour plus overtime, benefits and free food. Its a much better deal. .

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