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Published: 27 March 2019

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I was tryng to retreive my savings catcher money onto a bluebird walmart card to receive double the money when i went on tothe site and scolled down it clicked egiftcard instead of bluebird card, So i tried and tried to find the number to contact the saving catcher dept. Finally gave up and called the regular customer number who transferred me to the dept. I was feeling relieved for exactly two second when an agent by the namevof LaChassidy anwered and i explained my problem and proceeded to tell me im sorry there is nothing we can do, so i said can i please speak to a supervisor and she said he is in a meeting and i said u have to have one on duty its the law then she said let me check again and i got nowhere again. So she said i can take ur number and he can cal u back and we all know what that means (go screw yourself). I said no i need a supervisor and said there is not another one here and i was mad. I asked her for her last name which she refused then asked for an ID number which she refused. I saidu know what i need to talk to one now and ill wait as long as i have to. SHe was typing everything i said or she was setting up a dating profle cuz she sure wasnt interested in what i was saying. She finally said oh i think hes out now hold please. So again i waited here it is 43 min in. I was finally transferred to a supervisor named Aaron who i immediatly asked do u have a ID number i can have or can u not give urs either and he said we are always suppose to give them and i said really well ur agent said she coudlnt and wasnt going to, he then stated ill address that, So i went on with the reason i called he then said.there is nothing we can do and i said really all this mess that i have been through just to talk to u and you say there is nothing you can do. I was furious by this point and said so do other people call about this and he said all the time but there isnt anything i can do to reverse this. I hung up after that. I believe that if i am not the only one calling about this then there is a problem. Maybe have a confirm b utton after choosing your method to receive your money. How about a lilttle care in the business. Walamrt savings catcher is a ripe off and needs to be tweeked. I believe in taking care of your customers. I guess Walmart doesnt. I would bet that even this report wont do any good for me or anybody but if i can help one person then this was all worth it. .

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