Waldemar Jankojc

Waldemar Jankojc fakes to be a businessman

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Published: 25 May 2017

Posted by: Jeanne M. Gilbert

Waldemar Jankojc ‘s wife is a cheater! She slept with a young tennis coach, but of course she did not accept it. All the more her stinky husband tried to blame the young coach and put things on him rather than manning up and agreeing to what his whore wife did.

He knew his wife is a cock sucker, but he didn’t want to bring it out in front of others. So he decided to conspire against the coach and played alongside his wife behind the guy’s back and used illegal methods to manipulate the legal and justice system, to harass, threaten and incriminate the young coach out of revenge, cos his wife was sleeping with him rather than the husband.

Waldemar Jankojc claims to be the owner of WE Limo; all he ever does is fakes images on social media and search engines to mislead the potential customers by giving off a false impression about his so-called business, whereas he is nothing but a single operating driver.

He is one of those who portray like they’ve done so much for their family but the truth is entirely different. He is a lying dick, and his wife is a lying whore. A made for each other couple!!

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