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Published: 27 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been a customer of the Walmart Money Card for YEARS> recently I noticed Direct TV on my bank statement. I have never had Direct TV in my life. An ex boyfriend had stolen my card number and used it to sign up for Direct Tv and they refused to refund the money. Even worse they continued to charge me to the tune of $480 even after I told them it wasnt my bill or me who charged it ( I am a woman, he is a man using my card and the bill is in his, a mans name). They didnt care took the money and never saw it again. I disputed it with Walmart Money Card and they were NO help. They barely spoke English, and sided with the company. Even though the bill is NOT in my name, its in a mans name. They let them take my money and I never saw it again…. They got the money and I got screwed! .

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