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Published: 25 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is to inform people who have ever had contact by the company of credit collection service company CCS aka credit colection services, aka warningnotice.com, aka wikiwarning.com. This is a fraud company operated Michael Wayne King. This comoany is a sham company that surfs open source data both corprate and government data than sends out fake collection notices. If you recive a notice never contact them directly either phone nor Web. And never give personal data, no doubt also steal identities. If you have the money immediately high an attorney and file fraud both civial and criminal charges in your state. And if have lawyer have charges filed with fbi and postal service. The owner / operator is a multiple cconvicted fellon who somehow keeps beeing released There have been multiple class action lawsuits against. The latest was with posting of mug shoots and taking money to erase photos. Now scam is fake collections. I have been a victim of the fake collections. Where the company CCS credit collection services aka warningnotice.com, claims to br collecting a outstanding debt on behalf of Time Warnet Cable, in the date of 5/20/2014. Problem is time Warner no longet exists, second they had no brodcasting rights in the state of Colorado where I live. Third I have never had cable of any kind in my house. What they did is search open data and see my income and past awards from patents and law suits. Bad news for them because I have the resources and Lawyers to bring and join class action lawsuits, If yoy gave time and money get lawyer this shows legitimate concern and fear of action by them. And starts the legal process of retroprocity and harm in there part. Maybe the feds will finally throw this scum in the federal prison hole where he and convict employees belong. .

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