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Published: 15 March 2019

Posted by: yoshimitosan

car had a sudden and unexpected breakdown that came out of the blue and was of an electrical/mechanical nature, called warrantywise and vehicle duly recovered to garage. Car was a non-start/non runner, at which point they asked for an emissions test, then when the garage found the fault by fitting an egr blank, warrantywise claimed this invalidated the warranty as they didn”t know how long it was fitted for. When it was proved that it only went in for diagnostics, the claim was then rejected as being within the first 30 days of the policy on the grounds that this was premature failure. I say again premature failure as in failed before it should have. When it was pointed out to them that Seat Uk only warranty an EGR valve for 3 years on a new car and that if a replacement is fitted for 2 years, they then dismissed the claim stating in that case its past its life and we cant be responsible for a worn out old part. When I replied, I got an email stating that exhausts are not covered, Then another stating egr valves are covered but only if the car fails an emission test. Well mine is a non-runner so cant pass an emissions test and by their own wording has suffered a sudden failure of a mechanical/electrical component. Still not covered, so my four year old car with only 42 thousand miles on the clock either has premature failure or is old and I knew it was going to fail. Having to now go down the legal route as the company is looking for any escape/get out of jail card. Would be interested to hear from anybody who has fought them and won or who can recommend the right solicitor rather than a general one. I have all the emails contradicting each other and contradicting the warranty book.

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