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Published: 26 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Ben Gordon was selling the following on the warrior forum: [DONE FOR YOU] Complete Custom Sales Funnel (I’ve made millions, here’s your turn) 24th January – Product launched 30th January – Ben Gordon Added ‘No refunds’ to his second post 5th February – I made contact with Ben Gordon. 11th February – I purchase the product. Spoke at length at what product would be and what would be involved. My personal view is that adding ‘no refunds’ days after you have launched a product and not even including it as part of the original sales post is dishonest, but then again, deleting the entire thread to prevent someone from posting their honest review is also dishonest! Ben advised me on the 4th March that he had completed the product and handed it over on the 7th March during the consultation call. I should point out that the product was NOTHING like we had previously discussed. I also felt it was of very low quality, I raised this with Ben and he assured me that this product will convert even better. I couldn’t actually go live with the product until I had signed up to ‘James Jordan’s’ program which as he was on holiday was only completed on 27th March 2014. It was only after that was I was able to start approaching JV partners. On the 5th April I advised Ben that no one seemed interested in partnering for the product, he advised me to keep looking around. On 24th April I still hadn’t made a single sale and no one was interested in a JV on it, the people who could be bothered to respond made negative comments about both the quality and content of the product. This reinforced my view on the product was right and so I made my first request for a refund. After lengthy discussions Ben claimed that he had 12 other customers who were making lots of money from the products he made for them. Now if I was one of them I would jump at the chance to buy another, I suggested he offer it to them, but he refused. I continued to try and get my money back because regardless of adding ‘no refunds’ to his second post, he hasn’t delivered what was promised in his sales page! When he knows he can’t win an argument he says he will no longer discuss anything on Skype and that I should E-Mail any further questions. The last time I contacted him, he offered to drive traffic to prove it worked, of course he would alter all links to his own so he wouldn’t lose any money he had spent on the purchases. Obviously I declined his pointless offer. The bottom line here is, to date Ben’s ‘High converting copy’ has failed to make a single sale or attract a single JV partner. The ‘Stunning graphic design’ is actually just text! (LITERALLY just text!) The ‘Custom product design and research’ is nothing like we discussed. I would not be surprised if this was a product intended for someone else who didn’t want it either. If anyone would like to discuss anything I have written or see the ‘product’ he delivered, please do get in touch, I am more than happy to go into more detail. I am also happy to provide the links to the product so you can see how poor it is. If you are unable to PM, leave a message here and I will PM my E-Mail address or Skype ID so we can communicate. Needless to say, I will be steering well clear of Ben Gordon and his ‘products’ in future! He has proved to me he doesn’t have the expertise or knowledge to deliver what he promises. I would also encourage others to post their reviews, especially if they are in the same situation! Similarly, if you are thinking of purchasing something from Ben Gordon, but have had your eyes opened with this review then please make a post on that thread and refer to this review, stating this is why you have chosen not to buy, hopefully it will show Ben that making false promises and producing low quality products that fail to live up to his promises will affect his bottom line! It should be noted, I advised Ben that I intended to post a review and he deleted the thread. I contacted The Warrior Forum and they were good enough to reinstate this thread, unfortunately they are unable to take any action against him as he added ‘no refunds, so if anyone has ‘no refunds’ anywhere on their thread then buyer beware! The WF will be unable to help you get a refund. For someone who claims to have made ‘millions’, surely agreeing to process a refund for £997 when you have failed to deliver on your promises is worth more than a bad reputation? If you want to see what he is like, check out post 6 in the following thread : [Personal 1 On 1 Coaching] GUARANTEED LIST OF 3,000 SUBSCRIBERS!! “Just from what you said I can tell how ignorant and clueless you are to the MMO marketplace.” Instead of bringing his thinking round and trying to make a sale out of it, he chooses to insult a potential customer! If anyone knows exactly where Ben Gordon is located please get in touch. Would be nice to pay him a visit!

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