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Published: 21 November 2019

Posted by: Leondare

I purchased a Tag watch over $1500.00 back in April. The online shopping process stated that I will be receiving an email to notify of shipping and over a week later no email to notify shipping so I contacted the customer service and was infomed that the watch I ordered was out of stock. I asked for refund then next day the watch arrived to my po box. So I told customer service and the lady said ” Ohhh it must be out of stock because we shipped to you”. Already, I was thinking how weird and unorganized… I then noticed the instruction manual in the box was for totally different model of Tag watch. I contacted the customer service again and asked for the correct one. She said she will ship out next day. A few week later ( still no instruction manual to go with the watch) the watch broke. The crown simply oppped off. I contacted the customer service and was told to ship it back for it will be repaired with no charge under their warranty. I paid nearly $50.00 for shipping with insurance. A ew days later I received an email stating that the crown is not covered by warranty so I need to pay to fix it. I was upset to say the least. $1500.00 watch should not simply fall apart in normal daily use and I asked them to either refund or fix it for free. After that, for a few weeks I spoke to two customer care agents almost daily to get this resolved and was told each time ” We are discussing with our repai department so will get back to you when we hear from them” After a few weeks of this back and forth BS I finally called my Amex and disputed the charge. Sure enough customer service contacted me and told me they will fix it for free and the repair will be done by Tag. Since I had no trust in this company by then, I demanded to get the repair order number of Tag so I can contact Tag direct to make sure that my watch is in fact being repaired by Tag, not shady repair department. The parts was on back order so I was told by Tag that it will take a while… Well, this is not the end of this horrible experience… The repair took nearly 4MONTHS!!! I just received the watch back today. I know the length of repair was not entirely fault of, but imagine you purchased $1500.00 watch and only get to enjoy a few weeks then followed by nothing but irritation and stress of dealing with uncaring shady people. I’m happy that my watch is back and it appears to be fixed well, but I am still nervous since I absolutely do not trust this company. I made sure to check with Amex that I can file dispute again if this watch turned out to be faulty AGAIN. I would NEVER EVER recommend this company to anyone. This company is unorganized, unprofessional, and down right shady. I don’t even know how this company is still in business and never being subject to investigatioin of cunsumer affair.

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