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I missed my day at work and just wasted my money here

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Published: 04 May 2019

Posted by: Daniel

I came to Waverly Dental last week for some dental procedures and being totally honest, my experience there was certainly not great. To avoid any timing issues I came around an hour and a half earlier than the appointment (the appointment was at 4:30 P.M.) I came ahead of the time so they don’t face any issues. I paid them $275 for a dental package which included X-rays, dental exam and two cleanings. I didn’t have any dental insurance at that time so I paid for all of this from my own pockets. I reached and finished all the required paperwork after which I finally got my X-rays done, all of the stuff seemed to be going well however, it was too slow. A few minutes later the doctor herself came to check up on and make sure that everything was alright. She stated that I have cavities however, I haven’t had that problem ever in my whole life. I even brushed twice a day. The doctor left and 15 minutes after that, the hygienists came and examined my gums. The hygienist was rushing the process and was just trying to get it done as fas as possible. She concluded herself that I needed a much more deep cleaning and decided to do it (for which she charged me an added $98.00). It was around 4:35 now and guess what? The hygienist lady told me that she would have to let me go now because the clinic will be closing at 5 o clock. What the hell??? My appointment was supposed to start at 4:30 and I even took a whole day off work to get this done! A moment later the receptionist came in and tried to give an explanation about the whole situation. She stated how long my treatment procedure would take and told me that I would need special cleaning and she asked me whether I would like to get it done today or not. I told her that the hygiene lady stated that the clinic is closing at 5. The receptionist looked quite confused and she went to talk to the hygienist and after 2-3 minutes of talking the receptionist told me that they would get the procedure done today without any problems. The hygienist started out by applying some numbing substance over me and then she was going to use the suction machine to suck out all the saliva from my mouth, but IT WAS BROKEN. The suction machine was not working, my mouth was numb AF and saliva was everywhere! I went to the sink to spit and then saw that the hygienist disappeared! She came back and told me that she couldn’t do the cleaning and I should come back some other day. I was charged $275 for this shit!?! Please don’t come to Waverly Dental, this is a place full of shit and the staff members are just pathetic.

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