Waverly Martial Arts

A place where there is no discipline, no compassion, no professionalism, should not be allowed to operate.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Learning any form of self-defense is necessary in today’s world. It is not about fighting with anyone you disagree with. It is about self-defense, fitness, mental strength as well as health. As a father, it was my responsibility to have my daughter taught Martial Arts so that she could learn all the traits and tricks to protect herself when the time comes. After thoroughly researching for a few weeks, I came to know about Waverly Martial Arts. I decided to put my child there so that she could become more fit, active and agile. After completing all the necessary procedures, I enrolled my kid into the ‘Kids Martial Arts Program’. I did not realize at that time I would regret my actions soon enough.
The first week, my daughter came home exhausted every day. She told us about how strict the trainer was and how she would scold any kid who did not do follow the moves properly. I was beginning to see a behavioral change in my daughter. Instead of becoming more focused and fir, she was irritated and lazy. She did not have her meals properly and neither did she liked being told so. I was troubled by this and so I decided to speak to the trainer myself. He assured me that this is a common thing that happens to a kid when they join a place for social activities. Although I was not convinced, I decided to give it a few days.
During the second week, I saw another drastic change in my daughter’s behavior. She had started cursing. I could not believe my ears as I was too shocked by this. Reports from her school came that she had beaten up a girl because of a simple disagreement. Whatever I had hoped for her, the opposite of it was happening to her. Before admitting her, I talked with the trainer and he had said that it would help her become a better person. When I tried talking to her about these things, she would become irritated and angry and thus I realized what a grave mistake I had made by sending her to that place. I finally decided to withdraw her from that wretched place.
When I went to the place to bring my daughter home from that place for the last time, I saw the trainer cursing someone on his phone in front of the kids. I was angry as well as stunned. I could not have let me and my daughter stay there for another second and so I took her and came back home. For months, I was not able to sleep because I kept thinking that I had failed as a father.
Waverly Martial Arts should cease to exist as soon as possible. It is one of the worst places I have ever seen and I would not even let my mortal enemy set foot in there.

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