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Dr. Wayne did an unnecessary spinal fusion surgery on me!

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Published: 26 June 2019

Posted by: Angela

Now I’m facing all the complications of the surgery. I have constant backache and my condition has worsened because of this guy. I can’t lift heavy weights and simple movements have become a pain in the a*s for me. I’m suffering a lot because of the negligence and unprofessional ethics of Dr. Wayne. I strongly believe that he is a dangerous and unsafe doctor, one you should avoid at all costs. He is careless and unethical. He didn’t even apologize for his misdeeds. In fact, he started putting the blame on me for his botched treatment. Neither did he gave me the right treatment nor did he do the surgery properly.

My life has become hell. Moving around hurts and I need more sick days than any other person. I’m scared that I might develop a lifelong problem because of the incompetence of this guy. If that’d happen, then I won’t hesitate in filing a case against this villain. That’s what he is, he is a villain. He ruined my life and I’m certain that there are many other people who are suffering because of this guy’s wrong actions or what he likes to call ‘unlikely mistakes’.

I had visited this guy’s clinic for a simple treatment of back pain. Instead of suggesting me different treatments, he told me that I needed to undergo spinal fusion surgery. He said, “You wouldn’t be able to move around properly if you don’t get a spinal fusion surgery.” Then he started telling me all about the different risks of having a back condition and how it can affect my day to day life. He also gave me a long lecture on why I needed to get spinal fusion surgery soon. He said things like ‘It’s the only solution to your problem according to my professional opinion’ and ‘without surgery, it’s impossible to fix your back problem’. He said so many things of this nature that I ended up agreeing for the surgery, even though I was a little bit skeptical. I didn’t think it’d be the best solution to my back problems. And guess what, it wasn’t the best solution in the first place. There are many alternatives to spinal fusion surgery. And in my case, it was totally unnecessary. I found out that the surgery was unnecessary when I went to another doctor for my back pain. Dr. Wayne had told me that it was natural for me to experience pain for weeks because of the surgery but it had been months now. I visited this other doctor and he told me that I was facing the complications of unnecessary surgery. He explained everything to me in detail and that’s when I realized that I got scammed by Dr. Wayne. I’m now getting treatment for his useless procedure which actually did more damage than good. I hope he rots in hell. Just avoid this guy ok, you’d be much safer at someplace else.

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