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Invitation to hell!!

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Published: 05 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

THEY ARE SLUM LORDS! Never rent a house from Invitation Homes, they might look nice at first, but as soon as the lease is signed, you are going to see their true colours. All I wanted to so was to extend the lease of my house for 4 months, and they increased the rent by $300 per month! Soon after these people fucked up my rent, a pipe inside the kitchen slab burst and started leaking, it made the kitchen area a mess, they took 7 fucking days just to send guy to take a look. That guy was NOT an expert and he didn’t even fix the pipeline. A couple of days later the company sent a guy to assess the damages of the house and gave me an invoice for the things that needed work. Then Invitation homes hired a random company which didn’t have much experience and they took 10 days to show up after the incident. My kitchen was soaking wet and it was almost impossible to work there. In order to cook food, I had to dry the floor using towels every 10 minutes. The workers came at 6:00 PM, even though I booked them for 8:00 AM- 12: 00 PM. They jackhammered the slab and fixed the pipe leak, however, as soon as the leak was fixed they left. The house had become a mess because of them, there was slab dust all over everything and the place was dirty as hell. Things would have been fine but THE LEAK STARTED AGAIN THE NEXT DAY and this time it reached the front door. I called the company and their attitude was rude and careless. They broke the whole kitchen sink, scammed most of my cabinets and damaged the dishwasher. And after causing all this mess they STILL DIDN’T FIX THE PROBLEM. After 15 days, I was left with no dishwasher, cabinet or kitchen slab and all I had was a big fucking LEAK. My whole house was covered with saw dust and mud. No one from the company management came to look at the house, even when I asked them to. I called them 4 times after which I got a proper response from them. Most of my floor was not water damaged and stuck like a skunk. The property manager contacted me a couple of days later and told me that all she can do is getting me a discount on the house repair. They took 3 months to get my kitchen in the working condition again. The floor of the house is still damaged and rotten, which makes it impossible for anyone to breathe properly here. I would rather stay at a fucking hostel than waste my money here. THEY ARE THE WORST ONES IN THE MARKET!!! Most of the tenants of this company hate it, because these guys provide a horrible experience for horrible prices. STAY AWAY from them if you want a stable house, they are going to just make your life hell!

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