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Published: 11 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I found this company searching for cheap carpet cleaners. I got just that a cheap rip company that ripped me off twice. The quoted me over the phone for everything $118-125 without fabric protector. WHICH IS WHY I PICKED THEM! They came out to my house 2hrs early to do work I explained I was not home and the landlord can let them in until i get there. I eve told the guy I was 20 min away he stated dont worry we have paper work to do anyway and the cleaning itself would take 30-35 min. The guy told me he needed to store my credit card in the system to start cleaing. I gave it to him in the mean time I get a text from my land lord telling me theyare trying to up sell him and trying to add on special service. He said no to everything. Than took a picture of the two guys that came out for me to see how unprofessional these two looked he stated these have to be two ex-cons. So he followed them everywhere. I finally got a call back less than 15-20 min later saying “were done” and he needed my to sign something. I said im less than 3 min away anyway id like to see the work before you leave anyway because Ive spilt coffee on my sofa and floor about 7x. I pull into my lot no carpet men, no van, no one at all. Ring my land lords bell and he come walking out with a wet vac. OH MY GOD WHEN I WALKED IN MY LIVING ROOM WATER WAS EVERYWHERE. I HAVE WOOD FLOORS BUT HAD A LARGE 10X10 AREA RUG CLEANED, TWO COUCHES AND A CHAIR. THEY LEFT MY FLOORS SOAKING WET. I STEPPED ON THE RUG AND WATER WENT BETWEEN MY TOES. MY COUCHES WERE DRIPPING. I EMEDITLY CALL HIM BACK NO ANSWER 4X. I was enragged not only do I and my 72yrs old land lord need t use a wet van so wood floors dont get damaged but they left without leaving a receipt and didnt do the back of the large couch againest the wall. It was so unprofessional !! I couldve rented got a carpet cleaning machine from home depot for $39 & done a better job 3 HRS LATER days he finally calls me back apologising they were late for a job and rushed out. I told him all of my complaint and he stated he would come back to do the back side of the couch. A LIE OF COURSE! Later that night I look at my statement and see I was charged $342. I called him back and told him make sure you bring my receipt because I was over charged and need to see my bill especially because I was told ONLY $118-125. He said “Sure that wont be a problem. The very very very next day I got unexplained charges on my credt card. $230 for best buy and $116 on ebay. I called and canceled my card of couse but filed a police report and gave them the carpet cleaners phone number which of couse was off the day after the officer called him. I GOT MY MONEY BACK AND A FREE HALF DONE JOB BUT LEARNED MY LESSON BOTTOM LINE COMANY MAY BE REAL BUT THE CONTRACTORS THAT WORK FOR THEM ARE UN-PROFESSIONAL, SCAMMERS AND LIARS DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

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