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Published: 20 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Wealth Rock is in the business of making millions by selling programs they claim will make YOU millions within 5 years. Is this possible? Yes, to a select few who are willing (and able) to spend $$$$$ (thousands) on and never ending lists of classes, workshops and training. If you have the money to spend they are more than excited to take it and ask for more. I’ll take responsibility for “”buying into their stories and “”investing”” over $40, 000 with the guarantee that they would “”stay with me”” through whatever it took to get me started and make back the $40, 000. THAT WAS A LIE. Finally Wealth Rock contacted me in late May after I posted a complaint. They again said they would make it right…..sounds like another one of their guarantees….and it was becasue now it’s September 1 and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. Customer SERVICE…a joke…non existent!! I’ve heard/read that they may now be out of business…in bankruptcy…and/or to be sold again. I only hope they are GONE! But if not please keep reading. I felt like the prodigal son who was popular as long as he had money. When the money ran out the “”friends”” ran away. Sure, they will stick with you but you’ll need to spend more…and more…and more in order to get the training you need. They will tell you one story, gladly take your money and ask for more at the next workshop/seminar. But, they WILL NOT stay with you. Their guarantee is FALSE! I post this so YOU don’t make the mistake I did and lose $40, 000+. Don’t be fooled. There will always be something else you need to buy in order to “”succeed.”” As long as you have MORE money they will be there. When your funds and credit cards are maxed they are gone. Give me a call. I’ll tell you about it. It’s cheaper. Oh, and I will sell you nothing. Dennis Schwarm 541-521-0826 (email address removed by HolySmoke.org admin)

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