Dr Fredrick J Worrell is a careless moron!

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Published: 02 March 2019

Posted by: James Cevallos

I visited WEDental back in September to get 3 tooth fillings. I heard a lot of good things about WEDental on the internet and decided to go there instead of my traditional orthodontic clinic. There are dozens of 5-star reviews of WE Detnalt on Google and Facebook, it was literally unbelievable. And after my own experience, I can confirm that most of those reviews are totally fake. WE Dental is just the opposite of a good dental clinic. The main doctor of the clinic, Dr Worrell will seem like the nicest guy ever when you first meet him, however, he will show his true face when money gets involved. I will say he is a good dentist and he did the tooth fillings very well, however, I was shocked when I saw the bill. I didn’t have insurance back in September due to some financial troubles however, my cavities were really bugging me so I decided to get the filling done, what I didn’t know was that I will be charged $800 for 3 simple tooth fillings. I am not a fool, I know how much an average tooth filling costs and WE Dental was charging an absurd amount of money. When I asked them why their charges were so high, they simply evaded the question. I arranged the money and paid them off, however, this was a really big financial loss for me as it hindered my whole budget. After 2 months, one of my friends went to WE Dental for getting Invisalign braces. She was charged a whopping $6000 for the braces and to make things worse, she even said that the doctor’s behaviour was very unsettling as well. I understand that dr. Worrell has to make money for his clinic to run, but that does not give him the right to overcharge his patients. He is a good doctor but when it comes to money, he is just a greedy and selfish human being. Please don’t be fooled by the 5-starred reviews of WeDental Clinic on the internet, all of them are totally fake. Worrell is a businessman and is simply fooling people into thinking that his clinic is the best in the world by getting dummy reviews. Please STAY AWAY from WEDental, I’m 100% sure that you have much better alternatives in the market. WEDental clinic is heavily marketing online, they have done photoshoots, they actively post on social media, and they do everything they can to make sure that their potential customers get attracted to them. I was also blinded by their good reviews, and behaviour, but reality struck me hard when I had to pawn my ring just to pay for the tooth fillings. Dr Worrell does not have any feelings and he just cares about money, he has taken money from hundreds of people by charging them twice the normal price. Please keep away from WEDental, it will be for your own good, trust me.

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