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Published: 01 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This company uses buy.com as a front to sell their mechandise under fraudulent practices. I ordered a laptop from buy.com (now rokuten.com) with confidence that if something went wrong or if I didnt like it since I was buying online without seeing it that I could return it without a problem. This was a refurbished product. Online the return policy was “return within 60 days if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason.” This gave me the confidence to pull the trigger on such an expensive purchase, granted it being a used product. I received the laptop fairly quickly- within 5 days from california. However when I opened it up and tried to use it I noticed the trackpad was sticky and would jump around. I immediately called the company to tell them about the issue. This was the first headache. There is nobody on the other end to answer your phonecall. I even left a message but no reply. The only way they communicate is through email. So I emailed them and told them I wanted to send it back (the same day I received it). The lady send me a RMA number and told me I would get a full refund once they receive it. So I mailed the laptop (paid to ship it back out of my pocket) to them. Once they received it- they refunded me back the $720 minus a 10% restocking fee. I was outraged that they sent me a defective product and then expected me to pay them 10% plus $20 for me to ship it back to them as well as the shipping to me. So the person who emailed me back said they usually charge 15% restocking fee but that they were doing me a favor by just charging 10%. I told them that the website where I bought it says FULL refund. There was no mention of a restocking fee period. They did not respond back to my emails. I then decided to contact rokuten to settle my dispute. Rokuten looked at my case 1 week later and said that the listing now showed they charge a restocking fee. Weeklycloseouts.com went in and CHANGED their return policy to avoid having to give me my full refund. I luckily had taken a screenshot of the webpage that showed their original policy saying full refund for any reason without any fees. Luckily Rokuten is backed by google trusted stores. This is where my problem got solved. I then contacted google to tell them about the issue. They must have contacted weeklycloseouts to ask them their side of the story. Weeklycloseouts sent google a fraudulent email that stated they had disclosed to me there was a restocking fee. Google then forwarded me that altered email. I saw that this was not the original email and that someone had changed the language in the email so I sent google the original email which did not state anything about a restocking fee. I was appauled that a company would go through such devious and deceptive practices to give a costumer his money back. I explained to them that they received their defective product back and I just wanted my full refund back but they insisted on charging me something. They even went as far as to send a fake diagnostic report to rokuten to show that their laptop was in perfect condition. However the diag report did not show any laptop model number or brand. it just sayd “test report” which could have been taken from any laptop. Or they could have run a diagnostic after fixing the problem. In the end, google somehow got me my full refund back. I think they paid me the shipping as a courtesy on behalf of weeklycloseouts to end the case. The experience I had with this company was terrible and a waste of time. The people who work here are shady and will do anything to make a quick dollar. It’s plain bad business and I would recommend nobody do busienss with them after what I was put through. I should have known better than to do business with a comapny who has an answering machine when you call them. .

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