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Published: 16 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In May several ladies in my office convinced me to sign up for Weight Watchers to support them. After months of zero use, I decided to cancel in November I went online and cancelled my membership. When looking at my CC bill, I noticed that I got charged again. So, I called the 800-221-2112 and there was a 25 minute wait, and while on hold they gave the instructions again, so I followed them and cancelled online for a second time. Then today I looked at my CC bill again and sure enough antoher charge. I call the number again and this time I get a rep. He couldnt get the spelling of my name right until we broke it down by individual letters several times. Once he pulled my account up he said it had not been cancelled, and that he would cancel it now for me but that it wouldn’t be effective until January 15th. I said that wasnt going to work that they could cancel it immediatley and credit my card the money. He said no, that it was my fault for not looking in y email for a confirmation email. I said that wont work for me and that if he wouldn’t accomodate me I would be forced to do a charge back on my card, he said that was fine just do what I need to do. I then asked for the last date that I logged in and he said that Weight Watchers doesnt keep that information. I said I was certain he wouldnt have it but could he point me in the direction of the department that could and he said nope we have no departments that have that information. I said that is ridiculous, and in the most polite voice he basically told me it is what it is and I am out of luck. It was the nicest kiss off I have ever received.

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