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No respect for the customers at all!!!

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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Often heard of Weir Canyon Acura, I had a dream of getting their car. It seemed the most suitable for my family. After I got a promotion in my job, I could finally afford to buy a car. I did not want to get a lease on the car so I opted for a one time purchase. I went to the showroom and saw various models. They all looked beautiful and luxurious. I was impressed.

There was not much staff present on that day because they had to attend an event. Only two of them were there and the manager was also not there. However, they would return after a couple of hours. I asked one of the staff abouta car’s specifications. He gave me a very brief answer and did not seem customer friendly at all. I wanted ask him a few questions regarding the car but he got a call and literally walked away as I was speaking, he did not even say “excuse me”. He spoke informally, in such a way that I knew it was not another customer on the phone. He spoke so romantically that I doubted that it might have been his lover. The other staff was doing some computer work and was not the one in charge of prospective customers. I waited for ten minutes for the man to finish his phone call but he sat on a chair and continued giggling. I tried to ask him to disconnect the call and he straight away said that it was important and he could not.

I was baffled by this rude behavior. A heated up argument had taken place. The man bluntly told me that I could not ask him to do anything just because I was a customer. I replied that he was on his job and his priority should be to cater to the customer. The man on the computer watched without saying anything. At the same moment, the manager and other staff members entered. I complained to him but even he paid no heed to me. He told me that creating chaos or any sort of verbal argument in his showroom is not in their interest.

I stared at him in mere disagreement. He, being a manager, failed to realize the logic and common sense of my explanation. He was not willing to believe that his staff was the one at fault. He did not scold his worker for making me wait and not providing service during his duty hours. He ignored my complaint. After that, he asked me to come another time when everybody would be present. I kept quiet and walked out of the showroom. I felt extremely humiliated. I had never faced such a situation in my life where the sellers themselves are so arrogant that they ask their customers to fucking leave. I would have never visited this shitty place if I had known about their behavior. I recommend every one of you to visit any other car showroom but this one. They have no respect or sense of duty towards their own customers.

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