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Published: 30 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Dr. Richard Alan Weiss of Newport Beach, CA is a naricissist. After my husband die I came to the United States for several months as a visitor. I saw his ad. Who wouldn’t want to look younger and better? After surgery I was so shocked that there is this long scar running down the lateral side of my eyes. I asked him why he done that to me? He told me he wanted to pull my skin horitzonally to make my eyes more youthful. What? He never told me about that before surgery. If he did, I will not consent to have surgery with him. The after photo already had one scar revision surgery done by a very skilled plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida. I will need another one to make it less harsh looking, but neverless there will always be a scar on my face. My scar revision plastic surgeon described it as a several inches long gouge. I am not a United States citizen and when I consulted a lawyer he told me most of these kind of cases never made it to court because I do not have a serious injury and only disfigurement. Some serious comestic surgery malpactice cases just don’t make it to court due to the max. awarded money from these kinds of cases are less than the time and work that the lawyers and their helpers put into it. Dr. Weiss altered my medical record and later denied that he did that to my face. He insisted that some other doctors made those deep gouges on the lateral sides of my face. He is one sick son of a b*tch. I am trying very hard to pick kinder words for this subhuman. Instead of wasting my time, energy, money on a lawsuit agaisnt Dr. botched job Weiss, I already got one scar revision surgery. I cannot forget. I see those scars on my face every day. I have counted over 48 months since surgery and not a day go that I regreted picking this idiot to do surgery for me. Most of us like to believe what we read and see on the internet. Dr. Weiss show an impressive before and after surgery photo albums of his patients, but what most of us forget is not all his outcomes are good. Mine is not unbelieveable unless you see my photos of before and after surgery with scar revison already done. Dr. botched job Weiss loves to take pre-surgery photos of his patients, but he lost mine. Isn’t that interesting????

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