Welborne, White & Schmidt Dentistry

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My experience has been totally unsatisfying and horrifying.

To begin, I had booked an appointment on Tuesday 3 pm. I reached the place at 2:30 pm and inquired about my appointment. They rudely and arrogantly shouted at me that when its 3 pm, why had I reached and inquired so early. I gave in and sat back. But, to my wonder, they didn’t call me at 3 pm. I went on to ask again. This time, their frustration unabashedly showed on their face. They asked me to leave and come the next day or wait till 6 pm as the doctor is busy. I was startled and asked question why they didn’t inform me this for this long. They didn’t seem to care and gave me a frowning look.

I visited the next day at 6 pm. I saw the doctor after waiting for 1 hour. The doctor was impolite too. I had to get my crooked teeth corrected and as per my knowledge, I knew my available options were braces, invisalign or veneers. But, doctor seemed to be greedy enough and suggested me to go through a series of treatments beginning from total mouth cleanup followed by cosmetic dentistry surgery. I gave in and trusted him. But, the results petrified me. My teeth had become too sensitive with crookedness still being noticeable and my gums had become extremely delicate and prone to bleeding. The doctor didn’t seem to care and told me to book another appointment with new set of tests and procedures to be performed including dental surgery which would cost a fortune. Fortunately, I visited another clinic where I got my teeth reshaped properly and was happy with results done in affordable pricing. Stay away from Welborne, White & Schmidt Dentistry as they are fraud and unprofessional.

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