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Published: 22 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am so glad that there is finally light being shed on this horrible place. I originally went to wellington because it was the only place in Florida that would accept my health insurance. I had a bad feeling about it but I decided to admit myself because I needed help with my addiction to opiates. Upon arrival I encountered very, very unprofessional staff and the Tech "warning" me about how the place was run. He was using his words very carefully almost as if he feared for his life if he said the wrong things to me. Sadly, I figured out not too long after why he was acting this way. This place is run by Dr. Moran and his "minions" who eat, drink, and breathe his horrible fear mongering tactics. Dr. Moran is a pompous, pretentious, sly character. He has no empathy for the drug addict, only for the mentally ill. Although there is no separation in treatment for the two. I myself, am an opiate addict with no history of mental health issues. I was housed with very, very unstable schizophrenic, manic, paranoid and delusional patients. There were a few times where I feared to go to sleep at night since we had to leave our rooms unlocked at night. I was afraid an unstable patient would attack me because I saw it happen multiple times to other patients. Every morning we were to sit through a "community meeting". It would best be described as a battle dome or a dog fight due to the atmosphere of the room per Dr Moran and his cohorts. They poke and pry information out of patients and punish everyone if the person doesn’t fess up to a wrong doing or tattle tail on someone for doing something wrong. One meeting went on for 6 hours with no bathroom or water/food breaks. Dr. Moran is very, very, very medication happy. He over medicates, under medicates, and will not listen to patients concerns with their medications. The Tech staff are horrible because they are so scared to do anything wrong or be nice to patients because of being reprimanded by Dr. Moran. The financial controller is a piece of work. She gets off on the power that she has over patients money. The lead tech is an arrogant piece of work "who owns his own business" and doesn’t need to be there as he says. The so called therapists are horrible except for one or two of them. I was thrown out on the street because of my insurance cutting out. I was told Literally HOURS before i had to leave. luckily I live in Florida and i had somewhere to go but other patients from out of state had the same done to them. I was homeless for about 2 weeks until i finally got on my feet again. I was kicked out with no medication after being on suboxone for 6 months. I had no choice but to go to a methadone clinic and now I am worse off then I was when I admitted myself there. DO NOT send yourself or a loved one there. DO NOT, DO NOT!!! I was there for about 5 months and it was the worst 5 months of my life.

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