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Published: 05 March 2019

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Wellington Appliance Repairs, AKA LEG Appliance Repair, AKA The Appliance Guy – Eli (Lemuel Elias Gonzalez) Owner and Technician Eli Gonzalez came to our home to repair our LG refrigerator that was not cooling. Eli determined, without any diagnostic testing, the reason our LG refrigerator wasn’t cooling was that the cooling fan was “weak” and said it needed to be replaced, Eli ordered a replacement. After installation, the cooling fan did not work. Eli then said it needed a main board. After waiting a week for the board to come in, he came out and replaced it. Within an hour after he left, Ice maker was non-functional. I called him immediately, and he returned and made some adjustments and the ice maker worked for about a week, then the ice maker stopped working. Eli said it was the auger, so we ordered an auger for the icemaker. Auger was installed, and it was not the auger that was the problem – misdiagnosis by Eli! He returned again and said it was the board in the freezer door. This part would cost $160.00, but I could order it myself for less, as he suggested so I did, and I also purchased a LG factory repair manual as well, in which he asked for a copy so he would have one! I installed the board in the freezer door (as Eli suggested) according to manufacturer’s instructions and still no ice through door. Having considerable experience in electronics and electronic troubleshooting, I followed the troubleshooting procedure in the LG factory manual for auger failure and after two tests it showed the Main Board was bad. I called Eli, he came out and for the first time did some testing, he agreed the board he had replaced was bad, and he would order a warranty replacement. Since then I have tried to contact Eli, but he is unreachable. I have called him many times to get the whereabouts of my replacement board, and no response. Over a week later and many calls to him he finally responds and commits to a time to repair and never shows up for the appointment! Finally, after four missed appointments he sends his tech out only to find he has the wrong part with him. I contacted Eli and he states that he has the correct part at his house and acknowledges sent the wrong one with the tech, but will not commit to a time that he can come back. I have paid out over $450.00 for parts and services and still have a broken refrigerator. I have called, and texted him for weeks and have had no response from Eli or his office. Eli (Lemuel Elias Gonzalez) is a complete liar, thief, and just untrustworthy in general. The woman who answers the phone is his wife & she is just as bad as her husband. Rude and unprofessional, just liars and cheats, both of them! I have seen on other reports, they went out of business in Hudson, Florida, for being Scammers!

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