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Published: 12 June 2018

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When my fiance came off of a 8 year active duty stint in the United States Coast Guard, he had a difficult time finding a job (like many veterans). Finally, a year and a half of being unemployed came to an end, as he was offered a job; unfortunately this job ended-up being 2 hours from our home. Rewind to the origin of the issue: WF overestimated (doubled!) our taxes. Of course, we submitted a letter from our tax accessor stating that taxes hadn’t changed, but in true WF fashion, it took them 5 months to correct this issue. Until the issue was corrected, we were charged late fees for “partial” payments, that were actually correct full payments. It was at this time that we began to receive letters stating that because my fiance is a veteran and he had a VA loan, he had a myriad of payment options. This just happened to coincide with us needing to move, rent a house and continue paying the mortgage (paying for two homes!) So, my fiance called WF and they explained all of the details of a one-time payment waiver/deferral, which would increase his subsequent 6 payments by $500 (he finished paying this plan 2 months early.) Well- wouldn’t you know it, WF NEVER waived a single payment for him. They simply applied each payment made to the previous month. So, when it came time to make what he thought was the January payment on January 9th (within his 15 day grace period), WF decided to mark his PERFECT credit with a 30 day late delinquency. I’ve written a registered letter to the “Office of Executive Disputes.” I’ve written a registered letter and email to Mike Heid, President of WF Home Mortgage, I’ve written a registered letter and email to John Stumpf, CEO and President of WF and I’ve played phone tag and fought with 2 different young ladies in their “Executive” Customer Service division. They’ve all done the exact same thing- NOTHING. Wells Fargo clearly mislead my fiance with their mailings preying on young veterans in need of actual payment assistance. Wells Fargo further intentionally left out critical details of their “payment arrangements” saying that they were waiving a payment, which apparently was never part of the arrangement. Thoughtless, careless and reckless- SHAME on you, Wells Fargo. A soon-to-be married couple with an income in the mid-six figures, both with credit scores in the high 600’s, one being a veteran, still active in the reserves and continuing his service as a law enforcement officer who cannot get approved for a mortgage at the highest rate because of YOUR dishonesty. .

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