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Published: 27 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Weloveragdolls ripped me off to say the very least. The infamous Jessica Perry (please google jessica perry weloveragdolls) is known for selling sick kittens some of whom die at just a few months old from various fatal diseases. I have heard that she buys her kittens for a small fraction of the price she charges buyers like me. She charged me $1300.00 and might have bought my kitten for $250.00 (less or more) as an example, from a backyard breeder. I am in contact with a woman who knows a woman who picked up her kitten from weloveragdolls at a filthy,smelly garage with caged kittens / cats. Also, I was informed by the Cat Fancier’s Association that they are illegally shipping their cats. To legally ship an animal, the buyer needs to see the kitten /cat on the premises. The most disturbing aspects of dealing with weloveragdolls do not involve just the money. Though Jessica Perry and her ‘partner’ Leah Keeran are both unscrupulous, crafty people who know all the ins and outs of scamming their buyers. They do not have any concern for the welfare of the kittens / cats they sell. The bottom line for them is the almighty dollar. They have even been known to take your money and not deliver your kitten(s) /cat(s). This woman that I am in contact with, paid Jessica Perry $3700.00 for 3 Breeders. She never received the cats and was never reimbursed her $3700.00. My kitten arrived at the airport sneezing with a thick yellow stringy mucous coming from her nose. She was boney and underweight. Her coat was dull. My Vet diagnosed her with bacterial rhinitis and a worm belly. I was told many things by Jessica Perry and Leah Keeran….mostly lies. Leah told me that she lived with the “breeder” in her house. If there was any truth to that info., my kitten would not have arrived in the poor condition she was in. I am worried about the future health of my kitten because I have read about enough people who bought their kittens from Jessica Perry and Leah Keeran who died from fatal diseases such as FIP. My Vet said there are no tests to diagnose FIP and there is no cure for it. She said it can only be a wait and see situation to see if my kitten is harboring this deadly disease. To conclude, Jessica Perry and Leah Keeran / weloveragdolls are inadvertently responsible for the early deaths / sickness of the kittens / cats they sell because they know the condition of these kittens. If they were running a respectable business, they would buy from reputable breeders. They have caused deep heartache to the buyers whose kittens have died and great worry to the buyers like me who do not know if their kitten will live or die.

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