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Published: 27 February 2018

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She wanted to go to the club also drove to the store for drinks. After we refuse she went back to the hotel we were staying in hit a parked car then ran inside of the building as if she needed to use the bathroom. After going to my room the team said she wishes she had crack cocine to smoke. I caught her inside my purse trying to steal my belonging that morning. I called my fleet management to have the car towed knowing that the transmission was going out 5/18/2015 he left went home with unfortunately holes in his business. I was told to send a micro 26 to have the truck towed. Whenever I went to the truck someone employees told me that I hit the car behind me. I called the witness that was with me she came down to defend me. I never move that truck my team mate did. It was then that I saw the damage to the car. I called my fleet management to report her asked them to place me with someone else. Also to tell them to drug test her that she moved the truck while drinking. If we were going to be down for 3 days to a week there’s nothing wrong with us having a drink inside of the hotel. But when she decided that she wants to drive the truck drunk an had cocine in her system that’s wrong . I was injured placed on light duty they denied my work comp claim. Because I told an also the student gave a statement saying werner enterprise employee hit that car while intoxicated We got suspended for 30 days until investigation is over. I have been going to rehab every day treatment from WERNER ENTERPRISE SUCK. Werner enterprise is responsible for hiring such trash. If you’re interested in working for werner enterprise please contact a attorney. Keep all contract written agreements on hand. I was hired by werner enterprise 3/2015 I became a qualified candidate driver after being out driving over the road 48 states. I spoke with recruiting I did so well, they pulled me off the truck and place me with a team in Indiana. She was in Dallas Texas just received a truck, on her way to Indiana to pick me up. I was so happy proud to be finished with my training earlier than I suppose to be. Thankful to God, my training being successful. We we out to eat that Sunday I met her. The next morning we got a load 600 mile run. I drove the truck and the gears weren’t right I couldn’t shift properly. We went to find out where we had to pick up our load it wasn’t do until 2030 that afternoon. So I was afraid that we would breakdown in the truck on the highway. I took it to the terminal for quick repairs. They then told us that we would be down 3 days for the gears. But later came back said it was the transmission it would take a week. Then told us to drive it to dealership the truck wasn’t safe to drive I barely made it to the hotel. We got food went to the hotel due to the truck needing seriously to be fixed I parked it. My team mate wanted to drive around running errands. I told her no because it was not safe it kept cutting off. I was inside of my hotel room had my dinner an a drink with my team went to bed . Someone knock on our door it was one of the students from werner enterprise washing her clothes. I then asked her to help me get my things out of the truck so that I could wash clothes. We got in the truck in the sleeping berth my team came started the truck up driving intoxicated saying she wish she could get her hands on some crack cocine, saying she wanted to go to the club, was hungry, wanted drinks. We told her to take us back where she got us from park the truck. She hit a parked car while under the impression she had to use the bathroom she ran to the room. The student an myself got out went into the hotel. The very next morning I called my fleet management to have the truck towed. Which should have been done the same time he pulled the load from us. He was very unprofessional in his job. He told me to send a micro 26 to have the truck towed. Whenever I went to the truck employees from the hotel said I had hit that truck. I called the student that was with me for a witness. The police were called too they took pictures of the car accident an truck. I then reported to my fleet management that she needed a drug test that she drove away in the truck while drinking. I have been in rehab every day treatment. I was placed on light duty they denied my claim work comp. Then they suspended us for 30 days for nothing. Saying until the investigation is over. I heard the manager of their Indiana terminal say leave werner enterprise out of this as much as as possible. They didn’t want to place blame on them for hiring this type of person. I’m injured werner enterprise don’t care I’ve obtained a lawyer for discrimination…….. boy are they losers in Indiana terminal werner enterprise. To be considered no love for their employees. If you have a drink while down it’s your business but whenever you drive it’s unlawful. Very disappointed with Werner enterprise very sad racist company.

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