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Never visit Werner Optometry. The place is horrible!

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Published: 12 May 2019

Posted by: Deanna

They have outdated and poor products. And they don’t seem to be improving anything in the future. The lenses and frames, you get here are all knock offs. The lenses I got from this place were too blurry. I thought I didn’t clean them properly. Turns out, it wasn’t me, the lenses melted in the sunlight! That wasn’t supposed to happen! They were supposed to stay intact. But they didn’t. And don’t even get me started on the frames. They broke down after a few days’ uses. I can’t tell you how annoying it was to visit their office every other day because of the problems I was facing with my glasses. I was getting tired of all this mess. But they had nothing great to offer. The new lenses they gave me met the same fate as the previous ones. They lasted for a few more days but they also became blurry i.e. they also started melting in sunlight. I was irritated and I certainly didn’t want to go back to that place. But I did. And when I went there for getting a replacement, they gave me an invoice for the replacement. I couldn’t believe them. I asked them about the invoice. They told me that the replacement isn’t free. Now that’s some high-level nonsense. It’s THEIR FAULT that the lenses don’t work. It’s THEIR FAULT that I need a replacement for the lenses. And THEY WERE CHARGING ME for the replacements. Those people have no shame whatsoever. They have no idea what’s it like to treat a patient. I didn’t get another replacement from that place. What was the guarantee that their new lenses won’t go blurry as the previous two pairs? I’ve had enough so I stopped going there. The way those people handled the entire issue was laughable. Those people are retarded or low-minded. They are lying throughout and after seeing the condition of their products, I’m certain that their clinic doesn’t get enough patients. It also begs the question that if they don’t have many customers then who is leaving all those reviews? I’m guessing those reviews are false. They are making up stuff so someone starts visiting their place. that’s what happened to me. I was misguided by all of those reviews. You don’t expect a 5-star rated place to give you low-quality knock offs as your treatment. Not only that you also don’t expect them to be arrogant and ignorant. I should have done a little more research on the place before making any decisions. It was a big mistake on my part to trust those reviews and then to trust those guys. Those people cost me a considerable sum. But now that I’m aware of their reality, I’m not going there. That place is terrible and I expect that wouldn’t go there too. It’ll only result in you losing money and them gaining another customer they can sponge off on. Better stay away from Werner Optometry.

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