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Published: 20 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

File this under, “”if it is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.”” Or another way to think about this, if you send a check to these guys, they are probably just going to turn around and send it to me and you’ll have to wait for the next sucker to come along. On July 8th 2013, I paid West Coast Built-in Refrigerators $2,600 for a Sub-Zero 690 “”with a few minor dings”” to be delivered to my home in Greenbrae California. Three weeks later when I called to arrange delivery, they told me the refrigerator they sold me was sold “”by the warehouse”” to someone else. We offered flexibility and agreed to accept a 590 Sub-zero – an inferior model – for the same price given that our general contractor had already started construction and we were stuck. They told us this “”new”” refrigerator was in great condition but they had to pick it up in Los Angeles and would deliver it to us on the way back to Oregon. We decided to ignore the fact that the company had personally not seen the refrigerator or that they could not possible “refurbish” the refrigerator before delivering it to us. (Of course, how could they say the 690 had a few minor dings when it was at the same L.A warehouse) To make a long story short, we cancelled the delivery and asked for a refund after repeated delivery cancellations – many of which they simply did not show up. They agreed to the refund. Despite frantic promises, they have only delivered $900 and still owe us $1,800 as of today. Nothing says it better than the following email correspondence. 7/25/13 After numerous calls to Brandee to schedule delivery, I receive a call from Brandee’s husband Larry telling me that the warehouse sold my refrigerator. This put us in a major bind given that our new kitchen took into considerations the 690 measurements. He offered me a refund or a 590 for the same price that was older than the one I originally purchased and a lesser model. I took it having little choice given my kitchen was under construction. Importantly, the fact that “the warehouse” could sell the 632 sold to me tells me they were never in possession of the refrigerator which begs the question of how he could tell me what kind of shape it was in. 8/13 I call Brandee and Larry all through August asking about delivery and never hear from them. Finally, we get a call saying they bought a refrigerator in Los Angeles and will drop it off at our house. Which begs the question, if I am buying a refurbished refrigerator, how will they pick it up in LA, refurbish it at their shop in Oregon, and drop it at my house in S.F. on the way back to Oregon? 8/29/13 Email Dave to Brandee: Do you have an estimated time of arrival on Sun? Thanks again! Safe travels to you! (They never showed up. We find out after a series of call that they hadn’t even left Oregon and never informed us.) 9/3/13 Email Dave to Brandee: Safe travels… Does that mean Wed or Th arrival? I just want to be ready and have some guys here to help. 9/4/2013 Email Brandee to Dave: Tomorrow 4 sure install (This is the 4th reschedule) 9/4/13 (Documented conversation w/ Brandee. Spoke w/ her at 5:45 PT cancelling order. She said she would send us a check in 30 days. I will make a note in my calendar to expect it then…I told her that. She was upset but understood our POV and need to move on. Done.) 9/4/13 at 6pm – Email Dave to Brandee: We need to cancel this delivery and request the full refund that you originally offered of $2600. To recap, we were sold one model, then told it was sold to someone else and our delivery canceled outright. We offered you flexibility and agreed to accept an inferior model for the same price. Four delivery reschedules in one week just leaves us very unsettled and we have decided to find another source for our refrigerator. Our entire kitchen has been held up by this process and we are about to lose our contractor if we have to reschedule once more. It will end up costing us much more but we just don’t have additional time or patience. 9/29/13 Email Dave to Brandee Please send the $2,600 refund. October and November 2013 (Numerous voicemails left regarding refund. None returned.) 11/15/13 – email received after voicemail left saying we will seek “alternative remedies” Brandee to Dave: Since its been hard for us this last 2 months to refund you, I’m going to start making payment to you until you refund of $2600.00 is paid in full. The payments will start this week of 100.00 but as soon as I have higher amounts to send it will be done. I want to pay this off in the nest 2months at the latest. God Bless and thank you for your kindness. 11/15/13 Email Dave to Brandee: Well it is certainly not optimal but do what you can. 11/15/13 Email Brandee to Dave: Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooo much………. 11/15/13 Email Dave to Brandee: Don’t thank me too much. 12/10/13 Email Dave to Brandee: I’m getting the strong feeling that you do not intend to pay me the money that you owe me. That makes for an uncomfortable situation. I’ll have no other choice but to seek alternative remedies if I do not hear back from you soon. $2,600 is a lot of money. 12/10/13 Email Brandee to Dave: No, we have been hit hard financially and we are working hard to get more sales to refund you. 12/10 Email Dave to Brandee: I am sympathetic and that is why I agreed to a payment for as little as $100; which is virtually nothing, and yet, I never received it. If you can’t send me $100, you’re either effectively out of business or not being forthright. My guess is the former but I can’t rule out the second. I’m a pretty low key guy, hence my low key reaction to your selling a refrigerator to someone else after you said you sell it to me and giving you plenty of time to work it out. Where I’m at: Don’t send me $100. Send me the $2,600. Let me know when I can expect to receive it. If I don’t receive it in that time frame, I’ll pursue other remedies. 12/10/13 (In response to this email, Brandee sends me a copy of her Chase Bill Pay showing that she is going to pay me $100 over 26 weeks) 12/10/13 Email Dave to Brandee: DO NOT send me a check every week for the next 6.5 months. You place on me the time consuming burden of tracking and depositing. I have 5 children. 12/10 Email Brandee to Dave: oh my gosh. Im sorry!! I was making a min suggestion. I will see how to make this go faster. I have to talk to my accountant to make changes. This is not ok, I know. 12/17/13 Email Dave to Brandee: I received a check for $100 today. I am going to rip the check up. As I said in my last email, there is no way I can get to the bank weekly to deposit a check for the next 6.5 months. That is just way too cumbersome. Please come back with a reasonable time frame on how you plan to address this issue. 12/18 Email Brandee to Dave: OK I HEAR YOU. I cancelled that check and future $100.00 payments. 12/18/13 v Brandee to Dave: I can do Chase bill pay for 3 payments. 1. 900.00 2. 850.00 3. 850.00 Will this schedule work for you? I will send the first payment on 12/20 and then the next payment on 1/6/14 and then the last payment 1/20/14. 12/18/13 Email Dave to Brandee: That will be fine. Merry Christmas 2/6/14 Email Dave to Brandee: I received the first payment in December and have been patiently waiting for the second payment. Now it is past the 3rd payment period. Can you please give me an update? 2/23/14 Email Dave to Brandee: What is going on .

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