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Published: 02 February 2019

Posted by: Will fight for justice

dental group of arcadia which is west coast dental is a BIG BIG BIG SCAM! i wanted to get ortho so i called 1800 dentist and they referred me to a dentist at that location…so i went…but they said i needed to get check up by the general dentist…and they said i had 3 cavities and charged me 1000 dollars…trusting them i paid…and i got the top braces…but then my sister in law is a dentist and she had checked my teeth before and she told me that they were not severe enough to drill holes in..and she told me groups like west coast dental do this on purpose to make more money…anyways i still had my top braces on only but after 2 days one bracket fell and i called them…but i could tell they were annoyed and was like it doesnt really matter…anyways i got mad so they booked me on a saturday…(btw they only open on mondays and one saturday of the month…but they never told me that…only after i got my braces and was about to make another appointed did they tell me…but by then i have already signed everything…)…anyways..i couldn”t go on saturday so i called on friday telling them to change my schedule so i changed it to the same day as my check up…and made sure it was an hour appointment…but i called them a week earlier of course on a mondy since they are only there on mondays…but they told me my appointment was never set so it would only be a 15 minutes appointment…by then i was soooo annoyed…so i argued and they said “maybe if they have time they can fix it”…but on my appointment day i went and my original dentist who consulted me and told me how he was going to do the process was not working there anymore…so i was pretty upset..because i went to see my dentist that i was referred to..not some random dentist…so i decided not to do the braces and told them i will take them out…but they were charging about 1400 but then the dentist came and talked about xrays so the money manager, sandra was like “oh i have to put that in to ” and charged me 1800…so i was upset and called 1800 dentist to complain but they ignored my calls and never got back…but they called the manager at westcoast dental of dental group of arcadia ..and he called me with a attitude and was trying to argue with me, …but i was like” you guys changed doctors on my and you guys are the ones that said that only one doctor should see each patient and their cases, so what you guys said before was a lie huh”…then he was like then just bring 1000 dollars cash..no checks…this is just the simplified version…there is sooooo much more!…never call 1800 dentist or go to westcoastdental..but be aware some of there offices dont say westcoast dental…like the one in arcaida..it was called dental group of arcadia…!…i am going to do my best to let my story known so that this does not happen to anyone else! if anyone had similar promblems with me at at dental group of arcadia or and associated group that belongs to Westcoast dental please feel free to email me at [protected]@gmail.com…together we need to stop these scams from happening to innocent bystanders…!!!

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