West Coast Podiatry Center

Full of negligent doctors.

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Bob

Dr. Alissa was handling my case there and I was injured. I was hoping to get the injury treated so that I won’t have to waste a long time. I didn’t know they had a bunch of stupid professionals working there. I had injured my foot while playing soccer but according to the doctors at West Coast Podiatry Center, my foot wasn’t injured. When I complained about this diagnosis, they then started my treatment again and told me that I needed to get proper treatment for the condition. I don’t know why I even kept going there. The injury, which could’ve been treated within a few weeks, took me months. MONTHS! And that’s only because of the negligence of the doctors at West Coast Podiatry Center. First, it was the negligence of Dr. Alissa and then it was the negligence of the rest of them. They don’t accept their mistake. And they were calling me things. They were claiming that I had been careless with my treatment and I could’ve suffered a lot because of the same. Why would I be careless for my treatment? What will I get out of it? I was the one suffering because of that foot injury. I didn’t think they’d stoop that low but they did. That’s why I don’t think they are reliable doctors.

When I had visited the place, I got an appointment with Dr. Alissa. She took a look at my foot, which was swelled and without any X-ray or something like that, told me that my foot was okay. It was fractured at the time but she didn’t care. She either was too lost in her thoughts or she doesn’t know the difference between a normal injury and a serious one. Anyway, she prescribed me with some painkillers and that was it. Here I was, suffering from intense pain and agony because of a fractured foot, and she had just told me that it was usual swelling. I complained about this diagnosis right away. I knew she was wrong. So those guys told me that I should get an appointment with another doctor. I did that. This other doctor did the same. He didn’t tell me to undergo any tests or something. He just diagnosed me with normal swelling. I had to change clinics and go to a completely different place, where the doctors got me a cast and gave me bed rest of a few weeks. If I hadn’t wasted my first 2-3 weeks of injury with those retards, I would’ve recovered faster. I couldn’t believe their misdiagnosis. The worst part of it all is they are the ones running a clinic and there could be a dozen other people who could’ve suffered a lot because of the stupidity of the staff at this place. Take my advice, go away from these people. They are nothing but a bunch of idiots who claim to be experts. You’d be better off avoiding them.

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