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Published: 08 January 2020

Posted by: Tricia

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PUPPY MILL BREEDER!!! These Breeders here at their home sell golden retrievers with bacterial infections and send you home with medications for your new puppy. No puppy should be sent home with Metronidozol and Albon, that means your puppy is very sick when going home with you. They also cross the lines and do inline breedings, and promote funky looking shaped goldens. Their dogs have cancer in the lines from WestBen & mainly the Gold Rush dogs, Matt Dillon died at age 5 with heart complications (please research this yourself). I am a show judge from NY, and Craig Westergaard wins his dogs championship titles of his golden by doing sexual favors for the judges, yes that is right… he is in fact gay, and his lover runs the puppy mill business with him at their home. It is a very sad thing to say, that when he sells the puppies, he has so many dogs that he has no idea who the parents are of each pup. He picks your puppy out for you and he keeps all the pick of the litter pups for his own breeding stock…They all should be DNA’d, and be required by AKC. It is the main cause of the deaths in their lines. Research this breeder, and ask around…as you will find yourself that these are true facts!! Good Luck if you buy a puppy or a dog from him.

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